Prompts this week: Illustrate, Incite, Irksome, Intruder

Irksome thoughts intruded her mind while she contemplated her response. How dare he ask her that? But it wasn’t really his fault – it was his job after all.


What was it about his words that incited that ginormous need to take up his offer? She had to weigh her words before responding.

What if she gave in today? This was a difficult journey after all. But it also meant falling off the wagon on day 2!

Now, his tone seemed annoyed, but it snapped her out of her reverie.

“Mam, you are holding up the line. Would you like chips or apple with your salad?”

Fighting the urge to scream “CHIPS!!!”, she sighed as she said “Apple, please”.

Darn diets!!

Memories – Crazy dancing woman!

Dear SB

SPSKAround your third month, your grandparents and I used to take you to the terrace in the evenings to escape the bad power cuts experienced in Chennai summers. It got very stuffy and hot inside the house and for a baby you did sweat a lot. The only way out of this “sticky” situation was to take you out to the terrace to enjoy the evening breeze….

You sat in your little car seat that you loved so much and the wind hit your face and ruffled your hair. We sat back to enjoy the smiles and happiness on your face as the wind kissed you each time and I enjoyed our crazy conversations where you responded by laughing and cooing…

I particularly recall an evening where I got carried away by the refreshing breeze and did a little dance for you letting my dupatta fly all over you….you were so thrilled by the piece of cloth dancing in the breeze and kept laughing and giggling as I did a little dance for you… I fancied myself  a heroine of some movie and kept singing and dancing when I heard a loud laugh from across the road. A mother and son (probably a teenager) were sitting on their balcony and laughing at the me!! The sight of a grown woman dancing on the terrace with her dupatta!! Of course they couldn’t see you as the terrace walls hid you from everybody’s view. They must have thought I was crazy but when I have really cared what others think about me? I kept dancing and moving only to see you smile and be happy! There was a time the dupatta caressed your face and you gave  bigger toothless smile. That moment, I forgot my worries and stress and kept prancing about to keep you smiling…It was bliss 🙂

It was a lovely evening and for the first time in my life, a power cut did not make me mad….thanks to you – my little baby:)

I am taking part in The Write Tribe Festival of Words 8th – 14th December 2013. Today’s prompt is memory

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