Oodles Of Doodles

Painting is one of my favorite things to do in this world! Bless my parents for taking me to Mrs. Lakshmi Raghavan in an effort that I don’t throw away my summer holidays running around the house and getting into mischief. I got my first set of painting lessons while moving to class 6. Lakshmi aunty introduced me to the beautiful world of colors and making me believe that I could do it! Most of my best memories growing up are spending weekend and holiday afternoons and some school week learning different strokes. I am not an amazing artist but I love the works that I produce and enjoy the entire process of making them.

As much as I find painting fun and easy I find drawing and sketching a little hard. In fact I am still working on these areas to produce better work. Off late I have also started to explore the effects of color pencils, water colors, soft pastels etc., I will post my works here so that you can give me your thoughts and comments.

For those that are interested in the actual details of the piece of art and the history / thoughts behind it, the links to all the actual posts are present at the end of this post. Please click on the same to know more.

  1. Coco
  2. Aum – The Sound of the Universe
  3. Razor
  4. Healthy Oils
  5. Radha and Krishna
  6. Phoenix
  7. Kaali
  8. Deer Haven
  9.  Monochrome Tulips
  10.  The Lamp In The Living Room
  11.  Rabbit on Tile
  12.  First Landscape
  13.  Hey Ram!
  14.  No Love Like This Love
  15.  The Cherry Pair
  16.  Polly Wants a Picture
  17.  Barks and Neighs
  18.  And The Cow Jumped Over The Moon
  19.  Hit by the Blues
  20.  Lord Ganesha – Chubby and Fabulous
  21.  The Rose – Up Close and Personal
  22.  Pup on the Rocks
  23.  Une jolie fleur pour la belle dame
  24.  Sunflowers
  25.  The Odd Pair
  26.  Hearty Latte
  27.  The Tulip March
  28.  R u feeling Lucky
  29.  Landscape and Knives
  30.  Mahabalipuam Shore Temple
  31.  Peacock Beneath a Window


  1. The black and white pictures you have put up – are they done with pencil or charcoal? I bought some supplies for charcoal painting, I’m trying to find something interesting to do with it.

  2. Hey I loved your blog. You seem to be a kindred spirit with the kind of interests that I have too….I’d love to know how you manage to link all your entries on each page……

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