Sometimes, I wonder

Sometimes, I wonder why I do what I do.
I wonder, if every task that bears my name,
Is worth the sacrifices that I make.

Sometimes, I wonder why people are the way they are.
Did God made them the way they are,
Or if their experiences have made them the individuals that they are.

Sometimes, I wonder how some like myself,
Can survive in a world filled with evil ways.
I wonder,  what  the powers above believed my role to be, when they sent me down here to be.

Sometimes, I wonder why all living being can’t get along.
Why, men fight over everything  big or small,
In a manner that makes no difference from the apes they evolved from.

Sometimes, I wonder if the earth would hit the sun,
Putting an end to what we have become.
I wonder, if the teachers and leaders we have left,
Can actually save the dark souls that we have become.

I wonder.

Sometimes, I wonder.

Anti-social?? Me??

Ramble  Ahead alert! A crib / self-analysis / thoughts about life post. 

Here is the thing, many a time I have been accused called anti-social. The reason behind this adjective to describe me is the fact that I only spend time with those I would want to or like to. If I feel some one is not worth my time and friendship, I usually don’t go out-of-the-way to socialize with them or please them. And if someone rubs me off the wrong way sometime, somewhere I will do everything to distance myself from them, even if they had been my closest friends. Yes! And I do take this far enough to ensure that I don’t even socialize much with friends of those who have hurt me!!

Every now and then I ponder about what made me this way and I can only summarize it using this one word: Experiences! Way back in school, I was the quint essential “dont-care” queen! I never really worried about what others thought about me. In my mind, I did nothing wrong and found no need to change myself for others. When I made friends, I gave my 100% but then not all people are created this way and I discovered this much to my dismay  early in life. The problem is that in spite of lessons learnt I still trusted folks only to discover that nobody helps you when you really need them or so that is probably natures way of punishing me for some bad karma accumulated from a previous birth!

How would anybody react in the following scenarios? Especially when you think of someone as your close friend? What happens when you are not even aware that what they think of you is probably not even on the same lines as what you think of them?? Some examples….this is just the tip of the ice berg..if I were to post about all my bad experiences I would fill a book!

  • High School – My best friend of 3 years just decided that she could gossip about me and my family to others in the class! All because she wanted to fit in with the  cool gang! When you are in high school such things impact you more than you think.

  • Senior High – The new girl who was hanging out with me from day 1, suddenly decided that she would do everything to make me look bad just because I started performing better than her in some subjects! And did I mention that she also wanted to fit in with the cool crowd cos my personality did not quite fit her IIT dreams, rich parents and beautiful hair ideas ! I had the last laugh though considering she did not even make it through round 1 of the IIT entrance exams!

  • College – A friend in college who always kept hanging around with me so much to the extent that she could copy me in almost everything, suddenly decided that she wanted to get out of my shadows[which I was glad about, cos she was getting annoying with the way she was replicating everything I did] and let me down when I was at my vulnerable best! This was when I had the misfortune of flunking an exam and she had the joy of announcing it to the whole world and also letting others know (incorrectly, of course) about how she was the one who always did all the project work and I did not really have much brains! Again, I [think] I had the last laugh but I am not going to explain that here….

I have never had any close friends after these two experiences because I cannot trust anyone!

  • 5 years ago – A friend I met in another country during my work stint out there invited me to her home and vowed that I had to stay with her and not in some rented accommodation!

“I stayed with you in your house when I came to Chennai for my visa interview” she said “

“The least I can do is be there for you in this foreign land, you should stay with us(her husband and 2 kids)” she insisted.

I thanked her politely and went about living my life in my rented accommodation as I don’t like imposing on anyone. Now, I had a crazy room-mate and things at the place where I was staying were getting out of hand. Living there had become a nightmare and I temporarily wanted to be somewhere else where I could clear my head. So I reached out to this lady, who listened to everything and immediately insisted that I should stay with her just like she had always wanted! Vulnerable and desperate for some peace of mind, I foolishly went and stayed with her.

I helped her with the chores around the house, I played with the kids and not for a moment was I the house guest that sat around without doing anything! Now, 2 weeks into my stay while I was still planning my next move, she made a statement about how I could not stay with her forever!! She who insisted that I should have never been in a rented acco in the first place was asking me to get out when she clearly understood the issues that I was facing and going through…..obviously I was shocked! Anyways, God helped me work things out and the very next day I told her I was leaving. She realized what she had done and tried to make up but then what was done was done….I was out and vowed to never stay with her or anyone again!! She still tried to keep in touch and I also politely respond but then nothing can ever make my change my mind about her again! She let me down during the toughest phase of my life and I can’t forget such things. Lesson learnt – don’t take anything that people say at face value cos nobody means what they say and they probably say such things to just make themselves look good!

  • Last month – I reached out to a couple of friends requesting for some information withe regards to a certain decision that would change my life. These friends and me –we were quite a group when we were together! We did trips, lunches, stay overs and all the good things that you can think of when I led the happening single life. I have managed to remain in touch post my marriage and a relocation and the only time I fell off the “Keep in touch” wagon was after the birth of my child when I didn’t even have time to eat or bathe leave alone getting online!

Now, I needed some advice and so I emailed these folks, sharing with them the important changes in my life and waited for a response – none received! Thinking that they didn’t receive my email and I messaged them on FB – they are super active there with the constant updates and photo posting so I thought that they could not miss this! Well, well, the FB status messages continued but no response to my email. I seem to be at the receiving end of some cold treatment and I have no idea why….. It has been more than a week without any responses! It was a slap on my face when someone reminded me about how I had been boasting that these guys were my good friends and would help me out whenever I need help and here they were not even responding to me when I really needed that damn info! Lesson learnt once again – you cannot depend on anybody and beware before you go around calling people your good friends

I think I will stop rambling now! Not even sure why I have written about this – but finally it is out of my system. All of this only reiterates that whatever I do with regards to trusting and treating people the right way is right! I will spend time and give myself only to those who I think are the worth my time and effort….everyone else can come and go! I am not saying that I will ignore them, but then I would never go out of my way to do anything for them. If it means going to a party at their house, when I feel like reading a book, I will read the book! You still think I am anti-social?

Dam you, flip flops!

Have been on a break since Friday! I guess its only normal when there is a crying baby requiring ones attention most of the day and to add to this the work has increased on the office now I have falle behind on my UBC challenge and need to make up for the lost 3 days and also manage to remain on track….if this is a challenge for anyone, it would definitely be me!

Getting back on track, do you ever believe that if the first thing that you look at when you get out from bed are shoes,  then the rest of the day would just get worse? This is quite a common Indian belief. There are several such superstitions out here, some that make sense and some that don’t. Now,I was never sure if the foot wear thing was true or not but then since nobody likes a bad day and I am no exception I make sure I hide all my shoes and other forms of footwear under the bed before I sleep! I should be honest in admitting, that I have had bad days before..even when I did not look at footwear the first thing when  got out of bed! But somehow this morning kind of made me feel that there was something to this shoe thing after all. I had carelessly left my flipflops around and the first thing I saw as i jumped out of bed were those flipflops!My first reaction!! “Damn you flip flops!! And then what transpired was just not very cheery! The morning commute to work this morning was just a crazy one! First, I had a severe back ache and then the baby was getting cranky in his car seat. By the time this could settle, a crazy auto driver just tried to cross our path though the signal did not permit him to do so! Now,  if you live in any big metropolis in India you would think that there is nothing to this but then when you have a bawling baby at the back wanting some attention, it just brings out the monster in you!

After some sudden brakes and  loads of swearing, I finally landed up at work! Then I heard about how someone who I thought of as a close friend had actually been gossiping behind my back and then there was that phone call with depressing news! Add to this, I ate at the food court this afternoon and guess what?? The accompaniment to my paranthas was the  “SPICIEST” one ever! It tastes good but damn, it felt like I had gulped down some fire. I rushed back to douse myself in some water and am busy typing away this post now, before something else happens!!

Could all this be related to the footwear??? Maybe its just my mind paying tricks…nothing new there! Thinking about superstitions makes me wanna dedicate an entire post to writing about the funny and not so funny sides of the many beliefs we have. What are the crazy superstitions that  you believe in?? Have any of them turned out to be true??

I am writing this as a part of UBC July 2013

Seriously Stressed!

Someone put this up on the office bulletin. I am not sure when this appeared and doesn’t matter to me that I may be a tad too late to have an opinon. While this article makes Bagat seem like a champion of women, it somehow misses the mark. I have jotted down my thoughts in red….Do you agree??? If not what’s your take?

Chetan Bhagat’s Article in TOI: Specially for Indian Women!

Alright, this is not cool at all. A recent survey by Nielsen has revealed that Indian women are the most stressed out in the world: 87% of our women feel stressed out most of the time. This statistic alone has caused me to stress out. Even in workaholic America, only 53% women feel stressed.

Workaholic America?? Really??? What do you think – women don’t  do much out here?? In America they have dish washers, driers and regulated traffic! Women land up at work with hair and make up perfectly in place, not to mention erfectly co-ordinated outfits, shoes and bags! They actually had the time to shop for themselves. Here were need to deal with cheating, stealing and no good domestic help, crazy traffic where men like to blame women even when they are at fault and a bunch of other lifestyle  and moral ideas that our society in general would like its women to follow. So by the time a woman can deal with all this and do her bit and land up at work without bed hair, it is a tad harsh to expect that remains as fresh as a daisy – she would be stressed!!Try living the life of a middle class woman and you’d know!

What are we doing to our women? I think you know the answer to that! You just don’t let your women be!

I’m biased, but Indian women are the most beautiful in the world. As mothers, sisters, daughters, colleagues, wives and girlfriends – we love them. Can you imagine life without the ladies?

Ok great…finally something nice out here! But then it is the truth – India cannot survive without its women! I mean who’d do all the real work?? The actual heavy lifting in life???

For now, I want to give Indian women five suggestions to reduce their stress levels.

Please go ahead, cos by now I  can feel the stress setting in!

One, don’t ever think you are without power. Give it back to that mother-in-law. Be who you are, not someone she wished you would be. She doesn’t like you? That’s her problem.

Seriously?? If it were that simple, there would be no saas-bahu saga and what would Ekta Kapoor do?  How do you expect a woman to give it back to her mother-in-law without support from her husband?? In a country full of mamas boys, it is a very difficult challenge to win! Yes, granted a few husbands are great but then that what they are: “FEW” and in a country of billions that doesn’t count.

Two, if you are doing a good job at work and your boss doesn’t value you -tell him that, or quit. Talented, hard-working people are much in demand.

Works for someone who doesn’t need the money! For the rest, in a set up like ours, telling a jerk boss off for what he is will only add more woes to your life.. We are still way behind as far as employee rights, harassment laws and legal procedures are concerned! And the gossiping corporate males [I think by now you would surely know that men do gossip as much as if not more than women] will surely play their part. So tell us, oh knight in shining armor, how do delicate women like ourselves take care of such issues??

Three, educate yourself, learn skills, network – figure out ways to be economically independent. So next time your husband tells you that you are not a good enough wife, mother or daughter-in-law, you can tell him to take a hike.

Sure, give us some time. Stop asking those moms to quit turning their daughters into the quintessential Indian bahus and ask those men to share the duties of the household and we will definitely take a class and improve our skills, learn kick-boxing and network!

Four, do not ever feel stressed about having a dual responsibility of family and work. It is difficult, but not impossible. The trick is not to expect an A+ in every aspect of your life. You are not taking an exam, and you frankly can’t score cent per cent (unless you are in SRCC, of course). It is okay if you don’t make four dishes for lunch, one can fill their stomach with one. It is okay if you don’t work until midnight and don’t get a promotion. Nobody remembers their job designation on their dying day.

I mean come on!! Rather than telling us not to feel stressed, how about writing to those men out there to take an equal share of the dual responsibility??  Make 4 dishes?? How about a day in a week where don’t make any dishes and the men make just 1 dish?? How about it?? Oh wait! if that happened you and the rest of them wouldn’t have much to write about.  In the exam of life, even if I score 200% someone will never be happy plus I’d end up with blood pressure.

Five, most important, don’t get competitive with other women. Someone will make a better scrapbook for her school project than you. Another will lose more weight with a better diet. Your neighbor may make a six-dabba tiff-in for her husband, you don’t – big deal. Do your best, but don’t keep looking out for the report card, and definitely don’t expect to top the class. There is no ideal woman in this world, and if you strive to become one, there will be only one thing you will achieve for certain – stress.

It’s ok if you men go around town trying to outdo other men to but better cars and 52″inch plasma TV’s! You have a problem if someone less qualified or experienced than you is promoted over you but we shouldn’t be offended if other women sometimes less talented ones are better off?? And who does scrap booking out here? Who has the time?   Just look at everything that has been written above!

And if someone is packing a 6-tiifin dabba for their husband, they need to get their hubby to suscribe to a gym membership!Chetan would be proud of you.

So breathe, chill, relax. Tell yourself you are beautiful, do your best and deserve a peaceful life. Anybody trying to take that away from you is making a mistake, not you. Your purpose of coming to this earth is not to please everyone. Your purpose is to offer what you have to the world, and have a good life in return. The next time this survey comes, I don’t want to see Indian women on top of the list. I want them to be the happiest women in the world.

I am so glad that you feel that are purpose in life is not to please everyone. So stop trying to expect a wife would have the looks the Miss Universe, the attitude of a kick ass corporate babe that would bring in the money, the cooking skills of a gourmet chef, the domestic skills of the perfect maid and the character of “Sathi Savithri”. If your fellow species and their moms can stop expecting, we would not need to feel like we should be pleasing anyone but ourselves

Also, we did not know about this survey until you wrote about it. And now, you don’t want us to make it to the list and have given us more work to do….Am really stressed now!

Cherish Womanhood!! Just let us walk on the streets at 10 in the night without a threat to our lives and dignity and we might actually cherish said womanhood!

I have enjoyed reading your books, but you really need to put in more effort if you trying to be our voice..we appreciate the effort but then something is missing in your efforts.

 I am writing this as a part of UBC July 2013


Of crazy dinner times and shopping sprees with baby

Ok! It has been some time since I posted about WSB and SB!! Last time, I had folks asking me what exactly SB and WSM meant? Well, please read this teeny-weeny paragraph here and it will all fall in place. My fault for not mentioning this before..

Last evening, I got back from work and had some 30 minutes to go before dinner. Actually, scrap that! I was hungry…I am someone who likes to eat on time and the late hours drive me and my biological system nuts! But then life is what it is and my meal timings are compromised at the cost of other priorities. Again, this is another thing that annoys me so much – compromise! I feel like we compromise a lot in our lives. We adjust so much that adjustment has become a way of life! What do we get in return? In case you are wondering why I am rambling about adjustment and compromise while talking about SB, let me get to the point. Last night my dinner was delayed again, but then I just didn’t seem to mind. I got to spend a lovely fun hour with SB, something that is just not possible during the week, especially a Monday night!I was on a high after that for quite some time until I spotted the food after which I went berserk cos I realized I was hungry! 🙂

When I got back from work, the grandparents and moi decided to take SB to the baby store 10 minutes away! I had been planning to visit said baby store for more than 2 months now and finally had the chance.Didn’t matter that it was dinner time…we stepped into the shop and the staff were kind enough to lend us a pram (great marketing trick) to walk SB around the store. So there I was, pram in one hand, SB’s bag on my shoulder thinking that I could do it all.. I started checking out stuff for SB (bottle, sippers, clothes and pretty much everything in the store) before SB decided he didn’t want to sit idle….

SBLooking at me and putting his hands up “Hey! I am done playing with this doll hanging on top of me – Pick me!”

WSMCompletely ignoring the hands “Sweetie!! Are you enjoying this??”

SB – “This woman just doesn’t get it!! Wahhhhhhhhhh…take that mom lady”!!

Grandpa – “Pick him up! He wants to be picked up!!”

WSM – “No, No, this is becoming a bad habit, being carried around. It will get harder as he grows up you know…”

Grandma – “You guys, maybe you should argue later…maybe baby is hungry”

WSM – “no, no, no chance….”

SB -“Wahhhhh”

Finally, I pushed the pram and ran around the store like a mad woman! And our man just smiled from within….

SBWith a mischievous smile plastered on his face, “I like it when you act crazy, do it again. I need more entertainment…”

WSMAfter almost crashing into another shopper….“sorry baby! gotta stop”

Post this, SB actually behaved and even selected his own bottles when I held one in each hand and showed it to him. He tried grabbing the one on the left which had “Winnie” the bear with a pot of honey on it, so that bottle was selected…The shopping spree continued and somewhere along the line, SB had managed to get out of the pram and into grandpas hands (sneaky fellow).. I even put him in a crib, with a lion bed and he went completely nuts, in a good way! He decided he was going to stay there for the night and started wrestling with the bolsters! The sales guy took the cue and said something on the following lines:

Sales Guy – “Shall I bill this also madam?? Only Rs.14,500 for the bed and another Rs 2000 for the lion mattress”

WSM – “Huh??” With a “you are crazy” expression on her face

Sales Guy – “Your baby likes it”

WSMWith an evil grin on her face, “My baby also loves taking International trips to historical European countries and exploring the culture….He only flies business class, but I haven’t managed to get the trips arranged yet”

Sales Guy -“Huh??”

WSM – “Plus, I liked the bed that I saw at the other baby store….”

Sales GuyNot knowing what struck him, “Ok Madam….”

Last night, was also the first time SB spotted someone as tiny as himself and decided that it was just insane that there were others like him…first he bawled and then almost bent from grandmas hands, striking a flying superman like pose to take a look at the other baby! He even wanted to touch the other baby, who was just happy giggling at him and then he decided that he had, had enough and looked away…

Hmmm…SB needs more socializing time with other babies thinks WSM! What a way to end a hot, humid and boring Monday. But an important day for the Mommy Diaries. Definitely worth compromising meal times!!


Pssst…..I am writing this as a part of UBC July 2013. Let’s see if I can keep up!!

10 life lessons I learnt from my father

Image Courtesy:

Image Courtesy:

In honor of Father’s Day which was celebrated last week, had requested its readers to comment on life lessons that they learnt from their dads. We don’t really celebrate father’s day.. Why, I even forgot to wish my dad because I was too occupied with my young so. It was my dad who reminded me with his usual sense of humor that I had not wished him for the occasion. Well, the day might have passed, but this is the way I choose to wish and honor my hero.

My daddy strongest!! This is perhaps the best catch line that would apply for my dad. Never the one to be bogged down by anything I have witnessed him stand up to the worst of what life has had to offer, look at the monster in the eye and just blow the said monster away…easier said than done and he had mom for company 🙂 Wish, I have the same stamina. I kind of doubt it, considering I get bogged down very easily. When this happens, I just think of my dad or speak to him and within few minutes I think anything is possible….And it is a great honor to share with the world, some of the lessons that I have learnt from him. In no particular order, here they are:

  1. Read – I have always loved books. When I was young, my dad invested in a monthly supply of lifetime books (expensive at that time)for me to read. Some of those books I read with great interest and some just sat on the shelves. However it was the discovery of dad’s box of books that triggered my reading habits. I still remember the day I stumbled upon that old, musty and tattered iron suitcase filled with books. My world had become larger in an instant with the discovery of PG Wodehouse, Bram Stoker, Sheldon and other authors. Bram Stoker’s “Dracula” was the first book I read from that box and I remember being transported to Transylvania almost immediately. I had discovered the magic of books and my eyes opened up to a whole new world than the one that I was used to…With great pride I tell those who care to hear that my dad and me read the Harry Potter series together and exchanged notes on the subject and this was in my 20’s 🙂

  2. Eat the local cuisine when you travel – My dad was always a big proponent of doing this! “Forget the idlis and dosas” he said. “You will get plenty of those right here at home. Try the local cuisine” he insisted and being daddies little girl I complied. Even when I travelled to places that hardly had any vegetarian food, I persisted and found something vegetarian to eat. This introduced me to newer cuisines as my taste buds discovered cheese, basil, artisan bread and crepes! More importantly it opened my mind and heart to newer worlds and cultures. Today, I can survive any where without giving up on my vegetarian habits….To enjoy good food is a blessing from God, but I have to thank my dad for insisting I save my “thayir sadam” a.k.a curd rice for when I am at home

  3. Learn another language – When everyone at school signed up to study the local language as a part of the curriculum, my dad insisted that I study Hindi. “You never know when it can help” he said. My mom did not know the language well and it was up to him to help me with my homework which he did until my mom caught up with us. Thanks to him, mom and I can watch and enjoy Hindi cinema. Learning the language ensured that I wouldn’t be too lost if I left good ole “Madras” and opened my mind to the idea of languages so much so that I signed up to study French in my 8th grade making my experience of the world of the French a beautiful one.

  4. Pets are family – An animal lover, he has passed on the genes to me. We have had dogs, parrots, squirrels, fish and cats grace our lives. When I was young he always insisted that domestic animals be treated with respect, love and kindness as they are a part of the family. Growing up with animals taught me how to be responsible and how to care for another living being

  5. Be curious. Try new things – My dad was always the one to try something new (if he could afford it). For e.g. thanks to him, we were the first in the family to use a washing machine, something that I am sure my mom was glad about. He introduced us to the “pizza” with his home made version with onions, tomato ketchup and amul cheese when pizza or pizza hut was unheard of in the mid / late 80’s…Then came the rice cookers, lemon teas, musicals  and more. This tendency to try everything at least once before we decided whether we loved it or not made us more open to thoughts and ideas…something that I am sad to say is still unheard of these days. Thanks to this habit, I am glad I can eat almost all fruits and vegetables and won’t hesitate immediately even when I hear the most funniest idea or meet someone different.

  6. Value your independence – My parents never chained me with unnecessary rules and regulations that some of my friends had to put up with while growing up. I was allowed to wear western clothes, heels, go to friends houses and cycle the streets with my friends. But I always had to adhere to the time curfews and let them know where I was at all times…this continued pretty much even when I started working. By letting me be, they had ensured that I wouldn’t want to rebel unnecessarily and treat the freedom that was given to me with responsibility. I understood that not many had the advantage that I did and cherished the freedom and the independence that came with it.

  7. Do no harm, but take no Bull Shit – This is the way my dad lives his life and it seems to have rubbed off on me. He never interfered in what others did and expected the same in return. But he was also sensible enough to stake his own when anybody would take advantage of him or treat him indifferently. All I can say is that this one lesson has ensured that my life is only filled with what’s important and not clogged with all random things, thoughts and people that life can bring with it. It taught me to stand up for my beliefs and not be trampled upon by all and sundry. In a day when peace of mind is hard to find, this certainly helps to a certain extent

  8. Nothing is impossible – Well this is a tough one! As far as my dad is concerned, I could climb the Himalayas if I wished and put my heart to it! He was never the one to dismiss anything just because others said it would be impossible or tough to accomplish. This was a good attitude because I learnt that as humans many of us tend to exaggerate even the most simplest things in life and never get around to even trying it leave alone getting it done. I never did climb the Himalayas and don’t have the intention to do so, but I have managed to do some things in life without any fear because I didn’t think that it would be impossible. As difficult it may seem, I continue to hum this mantra every day.

  9. Chase your dreams – If you want something, never give up! This combined with the “Nothing is impossible” mantra has helped me through slumps in my personal and professional fronts. At least I have had the satisfaction of trying and not giving up and mostly I have been surprised at how my life changed for the better.  If we want something we need to work hard for it and not listen to those that might deter us from reaching our goals.
  10. Be Brave– This one is a real toughie! Everyday we come across situations that require us to make some important decisions. Some of these take up closer to our goals and some of these take us away from them. There are plenty of naysayers around us who might deter us from making “tough” decisions or taking the path less travelled, but it is important to listen to our heart, apply some practical sense and then listen to everything that others have to say and retain what is important and toss out the negative tones and energies. As a woman, this lesson is probably the most important lesson off all, as I wade my way through a male dominated world. This is a lesson I struggle with everyday but then if my hero can do it so can I!! I will at least try 🙂

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Muddled up!! Life and Dreams

In case you were wondering if I had died and gone to heaven…..I have definitely not done that! Don’t know if Heaven will let me in! I am still here, as confused with the world and its ways ; as muddled up as usual! Since my last post, I have been doing loads of assorted stuff and I thought I’d share some of the craziness in my life with you…

I have:

  • Been baking – the past months saw me make my first loaf of white bread and whole wheat bread… Check out some pics! I was so proud of myself cos I finally faced the scary the yeast monster. To be honest, I am still scared of those tiny granules and I keep finding posts on various baking blogs and websites about how yeasts available at our supermarkets are no good 😦  Hope my success and pursuit for baking continues…..

    White Bread Beauty…….

    Pretty Brown Bread

  • I managed to make a pizza at home and wait for it…………………………………. I made the base too!!! U can tell by now that the baker in me is waiting to open her own bakery!! Well I can dream too. In fact I am very good at it and should probably be awarded a PhD on the subject of dreaming!

    M3 Pizza

  • Talking about dreams, I have been doing that a lot. I have been dreaming of beautiful white flowers, green gardens and creating art on a full time basis! I told you I am good at dreaming… 😉
  • I have been planning for eons now, to start painting a humongous Krishna who has been waiting patiently with his cow, deer and peacocks for his coat of paints! But somehow I am scared to even start adding color to him and I have no idea why!! I have been planning again for more than 2 months now to paint a handsome cat called Coco! He definitely looks as yummy as he sounds…..but the artist in me just doesn’t want to take out her tube of paints or brushes!
  • I have been trying to work on another blog regarding the vagaries of life of an IT professional – I barely have few posts there and have not yet made it public! Maybe I am jus scared……
  • I have spent most of my weeks on 3 hour crazy commutes to work – which probably explains why most of everything I have said above remains on the back burner! I am so exhausted by the time Saturday rolls around, that all I wanna do is “nothing”; not even browse, blog or read other blogs! Kinda sick of laptops and cell phones, sounds, cars, horns and too many humans!!  Can u blame me after looking at this picture??

    Image Courtesy: Internet…btw this is true!!

  •  I have been trying to read the Krishna Coriolis by Ashok Banker for more than 2 months now! The only time I get is in the bathrooms in the mornings! This explains why my book reviews are suffering….. it takes so long for me to finish a book that I forget most of the first half of the story by the time I finish…..

I am / want to::

  • Waiting for “The Clockwork Man” from Blog adda! I definitely want to break the book review inaction..
  • I want to write from my heart – be personal! Somehow I just can’t seem to do that! I am too much of a private person that I have trouble opening up! So this post is a start…..
  • I want to complete my painting projects, learn the art of cake decoration and get back to my photo blog – For starters, I should charge my camera 🙂
  • I want to cook exotic stuff – no, not octopus or something weird like that (I am vegetarian) but couscous and pita breads sound good enough to me! I want to recreate my favorite falafel recipe which was always a hit with my mom! To think it has been so many years since I made it! The bruschetta girl definitely needs to put on her apron!!
  • I want to be less stressed out and more chilled! Good luck to me – If the heat doesn’t kill me my commutes will!
  • I want to break free!!!!! Free of this monotonous routine and balance the necessary vagaries of life with what I actually love to do!

 Any wise words from u lovely readers??