Ever had a ginger-spice cookie? It gets its complicated flavors from a whole range of ingredients like sugar, flour and spices such as ginger,cinnamon and even pepper. Those who love these cookies swear by them and those who hate these cookies just hate them. And that would be me –  a ginger-spice cookie.

When I first started my art blog I described myself as someone who is forever trying to balance bondas and bruschettas which seemed an appropriate description of my state of mind which always seems to strive to achieve a balance between the culture and values of the east along with the independent ways of thoughts and life of the west. I don’t believe I have changed.  Most of my time is dedicated to my family and work  while I try to squeeze in books, food, art and other creative activities  in any  time that remains. I don’t consider myself a great writer, a wonderful artist or an amazing chef but I have loads of passion for these activities and use this space to journal my life and experiences.  I write for me and hope to actually publish a book some day, create my own home garden and hold an art exhibition . If you happen to stop by and like something (or not) out here please say hello using the comments section. I am always open to thoughts, ideas and suggestions.



  1. Yes Subhs – am trying to consolidate all of my blogs at a single location..Its a herculean task..but I figured its easy to manage…right now I am all over the place! Thanks for checking in..let me know your thoughts and ideas for this space.

  2. This is very nice blog. Easy to read, simple nice and neat. I spent nearly 45 mts going thru the pictures and posts. I see what you are doing here is what I like, – food, books, painting, pics, nature, one tab missing – Music 🙂 …kind of great minds think alike.
    As of now my free time is spent with Aniket my attention demanding son, so its creativity and play in a different way….a different phase… I do find time for books and music, cooking for survival 🙂 painting — no and yes as its of a diff kind again with my son..crayons and kid stuff and play dough/…water color and the mess… !
    My best wishes to you and keep your creative juices flowing. This is a cool blog and I will come by often. Take care. – Sudha Pramod

    • Sudha, thanks much!! Its pretty encouraging when people take the time to read the blog and comment 🙂 I just hope I can keep this going without being bogged down by life in general, which is pretty tough for someone like me…but with encouragement from friends like u I shud be inspired to do more…thanks again!

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