Locks and Thoughts

I just spent the last 40 minutes trying to break into one of the bedrooms in my home because my precious kid decided to have some fun and lock it from within! As luck would have we had no spare keys and it was the end of a work day with still a million things to do! On one hand I had dinner going – the pressure cooker was whistling away on the stove and on the other hand I had a load of laundry in the washer which seemed to be competing with the cooker in terms of gadget and equipment noise!!

And here I was trying to break into my sons room (in a good way of course) with a credit card, a knife, a screw driver and what have you!! I was mad! Mad with the kid cos he found the whole thing funny and adventurous – he was busy suggesting alternate ways to open the door and when such ideas come from an 8 year old in a situation like this it is simply insane….The other half decided that he had to jog after a super stressful day [which I kind of get], but it did nothing to soothe my annoyance!

Several YouTube videos and posts to open a locked door, a lot of huffing, puffing and sweating, some yelling and some damaged cards later, I managed to open the door and gave the kid a warning about repeating such experiments again!! He was back 10 minutes later, wanting to know if the card I used was available for him to use for more experimentation with locked doors!!

As I started typing out this post quite literally after giving up on ever writing creatively or otherwise, I could not help but admire the spirit of the kiddo who did not let one bad experience deter him. He was still curious about how something worked, even though this kind of experimentation had gotten him into trouble. Still, there he was cracking jokes and being an innocent kid. He had even got me writing!

My annoyance still lingered but I wished I could be more like him…I am sure he got some of it from me but I seemed to have lost my ability to battle anything much these days, being to exhausted from mundane chores and dealing with a whining, complaining, selfish world more than I’d like. Maybe, this was the universe’s way of reminding me to keep pushing no matter what. Well, knowing me I will also do that but I wonder to what end…..what end?? For starters, I am just going to try real hard to bring that smile back…..it should simple. After all a smile is just an upside down frown!


    • Thank you! I can never seem to be able to write these days – too much to do leaves me exhausted to do other stuff, stuff that I’d rather be doing 🙂

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