Heart Healthy, my way.

Have you looked into the mirror lately and wondered if that the stranger in the mirror used to be you? Well, this has been happening to me quite a bit over the past few years. Once the grey’s started taking over and the baby belly decided to stay put it was getting increasingly harder to ignore the stranger in the mirror or the tires that were growing on her.

The tips and advises were never far away. “Work out every day!” they said. A  day that started at 5AM and ended at 11PM, a day choked with chores, others to take care of, a full-time job, the kitchen, laundry, chauffeur duties and the home! There were hardly any minutes left to take a walk, leave alone work out!  So I did what any normal person would do when they find there is no time for physical exercise – eat healthy – how about  half-cup of grains in the diet? More proteins, less carbs, no sugar and reduced fats…the list went on but nothing seemed to shake off the stranger or the way those sallow eyes looked back at me. So, the diets were tossed aside and it was back to the humdrum of life for me. The dark circles stayed, the stranger got more sour and the smile lines seem to be turning to frown lines!!

Then the light bulb went off and the revelation was absorbed – to look healthy on the outside, one needs to be healthy on the inside. With this started my #feedyoursoul project:

My first design (2)
Template Courtesy: Canva


  1. Chase your happiness – Simply put, do what makes you happy. I try but I also fail. This brings me point 2.
  2. Find alternatives – If for some reason you find you aren’t able do what makes you happy find alternative ways to involve yourself. For example, I love reading and painting. But I don’t have the time to do either. So, what I do is spend time on short reads like blogs and articles on sites that interest me. I watch painting demos to satisfy my love for painting. While these do not completely satisfy me they do put me in a better mood. And when the mood is better the smiles appear.
  3. Embrace Minimalism – I find that the more I surround myself with stuff that I don’t need the more cluttered my life gets. With the consumerist life-style that has become a norm these days one finds themselves surrounded by too many clothes and shoes, cheap plastic,  furniture, show pieces that don’t make sense, foods that sit in the fridge for days on end and piles of mails and print-outs taken for no reason. These days I have become diligent about everything that enters the house. Anything classified as trash finds its way out at the earliest possible opportunity, shopping has been reduced to a “as-required” activity and clothes and shoes no longer being used have been donated or recycled. This has definitely helped with less wastage and more room for positive energy to flow in the home
  4. Avoid the drama – “Not my monkeys, not my circus”. I  read this somewhere and it explained a lot about those that bring you down, either with their thoughts or personalities or simply by being dramatic. When I feel caught in drama I remember the monkeys and this has helps me focus on what is important to me. The well being of my family and myself. Others can take a hike.
  5. Healthy Eating – Now, this is still work in progress. But I am trying hard to incorporate healthy fats and proteins into our daily food and of course the mother of all things, practice portion control
  6. Visit a happy place – This is something I try when I am surrounded by consistent stress and things that happen beyond my control. I close my eyes and imagine myself living my dreams.
  7. Preserve the memories – I find that maintaining some kind of digital or physical album with your favorites pictures creates a lot of calm while browsing through them
  8. Keep good company – Sometime being alone is more favorable than surrounding yourself with a crowd. Be selective about the company you keep. Reach out to creative, well balanced and positive souls. The energy that they throw around them will infect you in a good way.

I still have a long way to go with my little project and I am sure more pointers will be included in this list as the days roll on. But for now, I am trying to cope and be #ApneTareekeSeHealthy. Who knows? I might actually end up like one of those happy looking people in the Saffola commercial. GOALS!! 🙂

I am joining Saffola #ApneTareekeSeHealthy initiative and sharing my ways of being healthy in association with BlogAdda.


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