The Little Things

Writing-Wednesdays-1-768x644Attempting to write after months of doing nothing of note. I have been suffering from serious withdrawal symptoms after a recent trip to the heart of mother nature. I am glad she pushed me to write again…It is definitely not my best, but then again I was never a poet. 🙂



I flew over the clouds, a smile on my face and excitement in my heart,
Would I scale the peaks of the snow-capped mountains down afar?

I cruised along the waters, a song on my lips and dreams in my head,
A house by the river or sand castles on the beach?

I sifted through the sand, collecting gifts from the sea with a child like glee,
A zebra striped rock or the shells by the weeds?

I drove through the country, wind in my hair and decisions to make,
Stop for the sunflowers, lavenders or the pristine lake?

I flittered through the woods, where emerald-green mosses hugged trees bound for heaven,
If truth be told, I did not miss my concrete jungle home.

I shed no tears when my utopia shattered,
I knew, like all good things this journey would end.

Returning to the reality of life where it all started,
Let me appreciate the little things that mattered.


Linking to #WritingWednesdays  hosted by Corinne @WriteTribe





    • Thanks for reading and commenting..I am sure you can do it…writing like everything else needs contact practice and effort and this is something that I fail at. But yes, one day we shall do it!

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