Let’s Go!

  • 20160810_113505Book Name: Let’s Go
  • Author: Text by Anthra Mohan, Pictures by Rajiv Eipe
  • Publishers: Tulika
  • Price: 150/-
  • Recommended age groups: 2+

My son was about 4 months old when he received this book. And it was his first author signed copy – nonetheless! It helped that the author was a BFF of the SIL. Being the book nut that I was, I put it away carefully and got it out of hiding around the time the little one turned one. You see apart from being a book nut, I was also an arithmophobic; my derivative from the word Arithmophobia “referring to  the fear of numbers in general, the fear of math, numerals, certain numbers, calculations, and/or calculus”.  So in the fear of passing this particular DNA to my son, I wanted to make sure he warmed up to the subject pretty early…And this was a lovely book to start this effort!

The book takes children through the numbers, 1 to 10 in the most colorful and entertaining way possible. And, if you happen to have a child that is crazy about vehicles, you will hit the jackpot!.

The book’s artwork by Rajiv Eipe takes you through the streets of a bygone era, and by that I mean the times that we grew up in. Remember your school days, when you used to bike to school or take the bus or even walk in large groups talking about everything under the sun, laughing and chattering away without a care in the world?  A stark contrast to the times that we live in today where kids are dropped off at school entrances in fancy cars chaperoned  by drivers, babysitters and what not!


Let’s Go  has kids commuting by cycles, rickshaws  (a rarity, these days) and foot while teaching them how to count or at least getting them to recognize the numbers!By the end of 3 or 4 readings my little one was able to recognize all the numbers and Anthara Mohan’s simple, child friendly language got him to recite the lines on every page as we read together.  

It was fun being transported with my son into these colorful pages filled with the fruit sellers, men carrying luggage and scooters with side cars zipping through relatively clean streets that seemed traffic free and actually filled with fresh air!

You should definitely think of giving this book a chance while introducing your child to the world of numbers.

Please note that is not a paid review. A copy of this book was purchased and I chose to write about the book because by son enjoyed it a lot and continues to do so.



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