Freedom, to be

barathonI am not disappointed by the fact that God gave me big feet. It is because of them, that those tiny shoes never fit.

It is because of them that I was able to live up to my name. A beautiful Greek name meaning “resurrection”. I resurrected my life which was confined to living under the shadow of a beautiful sister to that of a woman who lives by her own rules.

I always wonder if it suits Cinderella to live within the stifling walls of a grand castle adorned with stained glass windows. To live each day having to look like perfect arm candy alongside Prince Charming, while having to follow every rule under the crown that was ever written; to spend her days as dictated by the Royal planner.Seems to me like she won her freedom from the clutches of my mother, only to be step into a life akin to that of a beautiful bird inside a splendid golden cage.

Could that ever be my life? Would I be happy with such a life?

A tiny cottage in the country with a little garden and my precious solitude;  travelling on a whim and interning under the best street artists of Paris while meeting new people and soaking in new experiences. This is my life.

And I will always have what Cinder lost when those shoes fit. My Independence.Freedom to be.

You still don’t recognize me? The world refers to me as one of the ugly step sisters, but I will always remain  the  feisty, strong and brave Anastasia.

Today’s prompt: Tiny Shoes


Refer to Wiki for the meaning of the name Anastasia

Refer to the Wiki for the list of characters who figure in the story of Cinderella and the characterization of Anastasia



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