barathonSamira was married  the moment she completed her graduation. She was 21. Her mother had  married her off to the first eligible bachelor that she could find. It helped that her”find” was an only son with no siblings or a male parent.

“Nobody to bother my Samira or compete for her husband’s wealth and affections. She can live on her own terms”, dreamed her mother.

What Samira’s mother did not bargain for was the fact that her son-in-law would always put his mother first or the fact that she was a woman who was insecure about her son’s affections. She controlled the decisions about the daily menu,  the clothes he wore and her son’s bank accounts. She made sure that she had a ticket for every vacation that the couple planned and it never bothered her to be the third wheel.

A mothers dreams of her daughter living life on her own terms remained just that – dreams! It didn’t help that she had not had the gift of hindsight when she had treated her own in-laws and her husband’s siblings quite poorly. At least, none of them had run her life.

Sometimes, what you don’t know can hurt you and your own!


Today’s Prompt: What you don’t know


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