The Strange Case of Mrs.V

barathonIn the 60’s and 70’s Mrs. Venkat was popular  in her local circles for all the talk about raising her kids right with  perfect values. She had produced 2 engineers and a doctor. She never let her oldest wear heels, short clothes or sport short hair and managed to marry her off to a doctor settled abroad – the biggest achievement for an upper middle class family in the 80’s. Her son set sail to do his PhD after graduating from the most prestigious and leading  technology institutions of India and her youngest had made it into medical college!

“Oh well…”, she declared to anyone who cared to listen. “It depends on how you bring up your kids. I have brought up mine with excellent values. We don’t consume onion, garlic, eggs or anything that might impact our core being. We are extremely religious and never does a day go by that we don’t recite our prayers or light the lamps. My daughters won’t cross the lines that I draw and my son will never do anything without consulting with me and that’s the way it should be” she boasted whenever she was amongst family and friends.

Yes! Her life was the family best-seller that her brothers and sisters would be ready to quote from any time.

Forward to the mid and late 90’s – Her oldest was eating what she fancied, her son fell in love with his American classmate. Mrs. V and her husband refused to attend the wedding. If all this was not enough the youngest decided to elope to marry her boyfriend.

One would think that all of these life experiences would teach the woman some humility, but then few months later Mrs.V appointed herself the self matriarch of her family and decided to run the lives of her 6 brothers, sisters and their children and impress upon them the same values and “rules” she had brought up kids with! A formula that had clearly failed.

Well, sometimes reality is stranger than fiction!

Today’s Prompt: Stranger than fiction


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