Arrogant Mondays!

I have been known to put up with a lot of personalities because I believe that nobody is perfect. The unnecessary rebels,  the ones lacking discipline, the uninitiated, the condescending types, the ones that believe that world revolves around them and many more…But then this morning I discovered that I drew the line at arrogance!

When it comes to getting your blood boiling there is nothing more pleasurable than driving in Chennai traffic where the Rajini wannabes would honk unnecessarily behind you as if you were Moses who could part the traffic like he did the sea, like magic or the cities Surya’s and Hansika’s who think they can can zip right and left without thinking, just so that it looks cool. Well, old stories you say?  Sure! But, what would you do if someone swipes you on the right because they were trying to overtake you and just didn’t think about the distance they needed to maintain between your car and theirs??  Nothing new again you might say! Ok. What if the person involved walked out of his car after checked out the damage and walked back into his car and settled down comfortably just because nothing disastrous has happened after he swiped your car? And all this even before I could get out of my car and check out the damage because someone has to pay caution to moving traffic!

Assuming that you are a decent driver and even better person than a driver, I am sure I got your attention.

All I want to know is that if it would be normal for me to teach my child that he can push anyone while playing football or basketball just as long as he can make the goal and the other person is not hurt?

Would it be normal,if someone knocked you over and then just walked away because you just have scratch and that it is not big deal because you don’t have to go to the doctor?

Or worse, would it be acceptable to all decent living human beings if I claim that the person who got hurt  is actually to blame because he got in my way while I was in rush for a meeting with the president or my date with the vegetable market???

I am not so sure, considering my parents did teach me how to apologise when I made a mistake!! How hard can it be huh?? I am sure that when said with sincerity a single word like “Sorry” would make a truck load of difference to the person who actually got hurt.

But apparently apologising is hard, especially to the educated lot with fancy jobs, cars and good control over the English language! The guy who swiped my car thought that it was perfectly normal and had the tenacity to declare “Look, I saw your car. Nothing has happened to it. Also you moved to the right!”.

The words that came out of my mouth next surprised me considering I had not wanted to argue ! Did he think that I was standing there for him to pay me? I am well educated and have a decent income and cars in my house, so he could take his money and stick it where the sun don’t shine!  All I wanted to know was how this person and a father of two could declare that the person who wanted to take a left turn was at fault when he had swiped us on the right? Logical right?

Then he declared “I don’t have time to argue, I need to drop my kids in school…they have exams”

Well now I had to talk considering I had a 3 year old in my car. I drew the line for being blamed for his fault especially considering that he did not have the audacity to apologise. How arrogant could you be to  think that you could just walk drive away??  Then his son chimed in declaring “Aunty, please we need to go to school!”. Now that did it!  By now I had lost all respect for this sophisticated wolf in a sheep’s disguise. So I said the meanest thing that I could say to a parent who was many years my senior.

“Please drop your kids in school, you are setting a wonderful example for them” and walked away just as he condescended to mutter a “Sorry” to my father while I muttered some expletives about men like him who were creating more arrogant youngsters for the bright future of our very tolerant country!

Now, I completely understand how Salman Khan can drive people dead on the streets and get away with it or why an Ambani kid can get away with anything or why I have no hope that the two drunk girls driving an Audi in the middle of the night can get away after crashing and killing an innocent man on the road. ARROGANCE!

I believe that it can never be acceptable to be arrogant no matter how big or small you are! And for those argumentative ones out there, please don’t start with how the chief minister is arrogant! I believe that we cannot change others, but can certainly start with ourselves as individuals!  I can try and make the change and teach my child the same…

I think it is about time, that we stop this “everything goes” attitude that has turned us into beings that are as bad as the ones we accuse! 

Am I being overzealous or upset beyond what is necessary? Let me know what you think.



  1. It is wrong to brush aside your faults as if they didn’t happen. But sometimes there is much more than meets the eye. Arrogance and anger are both enemies of the peace we search for.

  2. I haven’t had much experience with driving, but this is completely applicable for any mode of travelling. Be it walking somewhere of travelling by bus or train. People sometimes push others, or it happens accidentally. Either way, it is important to apologise immediately. It may not heal wounds, but it surely makes the pain bearable.

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