6 Degrees

Image Courtesy: Blogadda

Sometime last year, Blogadda came out with an initiative where bloggers all over the country were divided into teams, given a set of characters and asked to spin stories around the same. About 300 bloggers in groups of 10 created 30 stories. 10 best stories were shortlisted and out of these 3 were selected by a panel of judges consisting of renowned authors and made it into the paperback we know as “6 Degrees”

The three stories “The Awakening”, “Entangled Lives” and “Missing – a journey within” are very unique and interesting. What makes them unique is the fact that the 3 stories comprise of the same 5 characters Shekar, Tara, Roohi, Cyrus and Aryan Ahuja and what makes them interesting is the way in which every team has interpreted these characters and spun a tale that is worth reading.

The writers of  “The Awakening” have taken the science fiction route and takes its readers into the world of Extra terrestrials and their presence among humans. Honestly, I am not a great fan of this genre and find the topic of extra terrestrials quite complicated, especially because it means there will be a lot of galaxies and civilizations with complicated names with a lot of history behind the same.

Though this story had its share of everything mentioned above, what made it good was the fact that the reader never sees it coming! Though the plot moved slowly, I couldn’t stop once I was into the story. The research that had gone into depicting alien life forms and decoding some great mysteries of history like the formation of the pyramids etc., was flawless. And what really worked for the story was the fact that no point in time, did it feel like it had been written by multiple authors! If anybody can write a tale about saving the world from bad aliens, I think this is the team to do it!!

“Entangled Lives” is a stark contrast to “The Awakening” as far the as the plot and genre goes! Few pages into the story and the readers will find themselves being drawn into the “who dunnit” murder mystery and the complicated lives of the characters. It felt like I was reading a desi version of  Agatha Christie’s “Murder on the Orient Express”. The team managed to maintain the element of suspense until the last few pages of the end of the story! And then suddenly I was in the world of Sidney Sheldon’s “Tell Me Your Dreams”. It was a great read! 

Though this story seemed to be filled with some editing issues, it still manages to keep the reader’s attention. And what I personally loved about this story was this it was filled with interesting poems,  especially at crucial junctures of the plot! This team must have definitely had a poet in their lot!

“Missing – A Journey Within” touches upon the serious topic of sexual orientation and the Indian society. As with the other stories, there was a twist in the plot, because what starts as a search for a missing kid ends into something much bigger and very relevant to our society today. The team of writers that spun this tales have done a fabulous job, writing about a sensitive topic such as this one. This one was a page turner and I completed reading this faster than the other two!

A great book from Blogadda. Read it to take  a look at the emerging writing scene in India!!

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