I See You

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“Liam’s life has become a waking nightmare. He’s plagued by constant headaches and is hounded by inexplicable events bordering on the insane. He is convinced that his vindictive ex, Lily, despite her vehement denials, is the one sending him disturbing packages. The only bright spot in a life gone berserk is Aliana, the woman Liam has loved ever since he saw her in a parking lot. But a shocking revelation about her leaves him questioning everything he knows. As Liam plunges deeper into the twin abysses of unbridled love and unexplained insanity, he has to do all it takes to stop his life from spiraling out of control

If you are in the mood to be spooked out in the most subtle manner, you need to get a copy of “I See You” by Aindrila Roy right now! I won a copy of this book in a give-away hosted by author Sharath Komarraju along with some other scary gems 🙂

As implied by the title, the plot is about a spirit that only its victims can see. The book starts out slowly, introducing us to the main protagonist Liam Redmond and details the nuances of his life. The only thing that stands out initially is the fact that the protagonist suffers from migraine headaches which disappear miraculously every time he meets Aliana Swinn, the girl he has fallen in love with.

The plot thickens as Liam’s health spirals out of control and his nights are filled with hallucinations, nightmares, visits from a mysterious entity and a cat which follows him around in the most creepiest of ways! What happens? Who is Aliana? Does Liam suffer from kind of mental disorder or is he crossing lines between reality and the supernatural? Can anybody help him?

Well, I cannot say more without giving the plot away so I am going to control myself. However, let me tell you, I started reading this book at around 9:00 p.m at night and had to put it down around 11.00 p.m while the rest of the family was asleep because I was getting creeped out!

For an author debuting in this genre, Aindrila Roy has done a wonderful job. In the foreword she mentions  that this was a story that had been written years ago and has been refined multiple times to the book that it is today. The hard work definitely shows and has not gone to waste.

I loved the fact that her language was simple and straight forward, devoid of any complicated words or rhetoric! This really helps to keep the reader’s attention on the plot and ensures that we keep turning the pages of he book without having to look up words in a dictionary.

Initially, I did wish that the book had been Indian in its setup. However, now I believe that it is perfect just the way it is!! Also, at about 218 pages the book is quick and satisfying read.

Grab a copy if you enjoy reading horror and the supernatural.

About the author:

Aindrila first penned a short story, of a princess defending a fortress, as a 11 year old. Glad that it was out of her system, she threw that piece of paper away. But over the years, her imagination kept tormenting her with story ideas, until she decided that it was time to finally let them out.

She now writes full-time, mostly horror-fantasies, filled with complex and anguished souls, fighting monsters within and without. She is fascinated by Indian and Greek mythology, Japanese animes, high fantasy novels, and paleontology, all of which have found their way into her stories as subtle tweaks to the backdrop.

‘I See You’ is her first published story


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