Paintings at Karma Cafe

I love any kind of creative pursuits. But my first love will always remaining sketching. Whenever I spot someone sketching at the park or doodling away with a pencil, I stop to admire observe. This holds true when I spot little kids with their art projects too! Ask anybody who knows me and they will concur.

My favorite category of paintings are scenes from nature and paintings inspired from daily life in India and of course any kind of painting that is inspired by India, its history, myths and legends. And anytime I find any such beauties outside of India, I am fascinated.

I was in for a pleasant surprise when we decided to eat a vegetarian eatery called Karma Kafe at Dallas! It took me long to enter the tiny restaurant, thanks to all the street type paintings based on various Indian themes that filled the walls of the parking lot, their back doors the employee quarters. The lighting at that time of the day and the various bulbs that the restaurant had installed did not allow for quality photos but the parking lot had me enthralled.Take a look.

The relaxing Buddha covered the walls from the entrance to the rear of the lot


Some more Buddhas – These were sculptures. By now, I was ready to meditate


Can u blame me when I say I was ready to meditate?


The Ganesha looked very friendly with a cow for company.  This was a painting on the wall.


I am not sure what this was, but it was interesting nevertheless.


Check out the compact car parking! Much to my wonder I had found that people had placed coins and kumkum in front of the Lakshmi! You what they say, you can take a man out of  India, but you can’t take India out of a man!


Check out the Rajasthani style paintings on one of the doors. Considering that this is a door to a balcony, it is so apt. Imagine the India of hundreds of years ago when the women within the courts of the maharajas really did look like that!


This seems to be a yogi or maybe it is the desi rendering of Jesus. Calm, peaceful and beautiful.


How can one forget the Indian cliche?  Snakes and snake charmers!


A man on a flying carpet! Seriously I don’t think there is a single Indian who has been on a flying carpet!


And where would our lives be without palm history and “horror”scopes?


And how can I forget the interior? It was full of Indian kitsch – starting from hanging tamburas, puppets, colorful stoles, drums, more paintings…. Don’t miss the eggplant with eyes in the photo with the painting of Kali.

And my son’s personal favorite:


What can I say? He is a boy afterall!

Even if their food was not good, I would have gone again! But their food was great! Great Indian vegetarian 🙂

Check out Karma Cafe @Dallas if you love paintings and museums and also if you enjoy Indian food.


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