Giving thanks and taking a hike.

Thanksgiving is a huge celebration in the United States. It is a time when we get a day off from work and if lucky we can make it a long weekend. This year we decided to stay away from all the shopping frenzy which is what thanksgiving has become over the years. We wanted to  spare ourselves and our little one the trouble of walking through shopping malls which just drives him nuts! Instead we chose to have a simple lunch at home and then follow it up with a nap – well, I tried, but my son would have none of it! So despite the dreary weather we bundled up in our warm clothes and drove down to O P Schnabel Park to check out their trails. We wanted to walk through the park and actually take our son outside, considering we are cooped up indoors on most days thanks to our crazy lives which leaves little time for anything else!

The park has some great paved trails and some decent sights. When you are with an almost 3 year old who is curious about most things, everything feels awesome. He was particularly thrilled to spot these berries,which he claimed were “googleberries”. For the uninitiated, “googleberries” grow in abundance in the woods of Enid Blyton’s “Toyland”and my son is a huge fan of “Noddy and Friends” Although, I do not what these berries are or if they are edible.


While he admired the “googleberries”, we admired the city, that stretched out on the other side of the cliff


Once that was done, I had my fill of wild flowers that were scattered all over the park



For those that live cactii, the park offers a sight of plenty of these 🙂

The trails also offered some great sights into  deep end of the cliff…


And pretty red berries. I could not quite capture a good shot of the red berries, but I think these are the pods from which the bloom.

And of course a sight that made the three of us very happy was that of deer prancing about. I mean, who would love the sight of this beauty?



There was a lot more that the park offered in terms of the beauty of nature. These were pretty deep red colored birds, ponds, underpasses and more than 7 miles of scenic trails that passionate hikers can walk, run, bike or even roller skate through.

The park also has a small play area for kids complete with slides, monkey bars and swings. Needless to say my son took complete advantage of the slides.

By the the time we were  done at the park we had burnt tons of calories and inhaled loads of fresh air! And most importantly, a great way to give thanks.  Thanks to Mother Nature and our creator…

If you are in San Antonio and enjoy spending time outdoors, do take some time to explore O P Schnabel located on Bandera road.  I am sure it will be more fun during spring and early summer.


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