Success or Happiness and Monday Musings!

100SWhich comes first? Whether you need success to be happy or be happy to be successful depends upon an individual.


  • Folks that need to work hard for everything in  life in the face of many responsibilities and road blocks – only success will make them happy and once they are happy they will continue to be successful – this will work as long as they are clear about their goals.
  • Folks that are able to accomplish their goals without too much stress; happiness will make them successful, though this could change anytime and they could fall under the category mentioned above
  • And then there are those that take life as it comes and aren’t really fazed by anything. Happiness will make them successful and even if it doesn’t they will still be happy! And everybody knows that not everybody is blessed to fall in this category….


MondayMusings1-214x300Considering this subject is close to my heart, I am also linking this to Monday Musings. I definitely needed more than 100 words to write about this. I noticed that many were pretty confident that only happiness will make a person successful.

“But how does one define happiness?   Is it determined by what you have or how much you have or by the people that surround you or what you want to accomplish in your life. In life, we  know that  everything is dependent on each other and what happens if one aspect of life cannot be enjoyed because it depends on another?”

One can be surrounded by the most understanding  family ever, but if one is stuck in a job they dislike or are not being appreciated at work or are not making enough money to support this beautiful family or don’t have any time to pursue other interests how can they be happy?

For example, there are those that love travelling. But, to really travel one needs to have enough disposable income. What will happen if there are other factors that have a higher priority claims to the disposable income and there isn’t much left to travel? In this case will a person who makes enough money but cannot travel be happy? My guess is that they will not be too happy and is will tire of  working hard without being able to enjoy the fruits of his hard work.

Assuming that this person has a lot of savings to spend on travel, but doesn’t have the time to do so because he/she is stuck is a demanding job. He is successful professionally but will be unhappy considering he is in the office most of the time.

And when I mention this, most people that I talk to will come up with the concept of giving up something in order to be happy. So what does he give up? His job? But  aren’t there bills to be paid? A house to be run? What will happen when his savings run out?

Ok, so maybe this person  should forget about travelling and do something else or just be happy with travelling to the towns and cities in his state. Now, for this person, there is nothing much to look forward to and soon he is going to be quite unhappy and this will impact his work! In short, he will neither happy nor successful!

This was just a basic example and if you think about it there would be millions of dimensions to this same example…When we actually think about it there will be a lot of questions that we would come up with and a blog post will never be enough to tackle this.


One comment

  1. Though it’s quite tricky that one cannot afford to leave a job, one should always try to get something better to be more happy. The argument that many say that ultimately we will become happy in our lives or job is a spiral that makes us waiting till our last breath, it never happens. I choose happiness and make an effort rather than success which is very subjective.

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