What’s cooking?

bar_ww_badegeToday,  this little piece of fiction is based on my experiences with annoying male colleagues in the early 2000s when WiFi was unheard of, cell phones still a luxury, not all office had entrances protected by secure swipe cards, international onsite opportunities were a big deal  and women were treated a bit like dirt at the workplace, especially some IT companies that decided a persons worth was based on what time they left the office (not what time they got in, or what they did during their day at work)

 “Like you don’t know what!!”, screamed the inner me.

“You left work at 3:00PM to do God knows what, leaving me to complete the entire *database script! I made sure I completed everything, sent out the emails and left at 7:00PM. Little, did I know that you would come back at 11:00PM, mess up everything and send a mail to our manager at 1:00AM in the morning blaming me for the mess !! Just to be the hero that works late nights while I am the one that leaves as early at 7:00PM without doing my job right!!! And you dare to saunter in at 11:30 AM into the office and ask me What’s cooking???”

By now the inner me was ready to tear my team mate’s head off! He had been this way since day 1 – all schmooze and no real work to prove his mettle. And I was a girl and his competition for all the best projects and the travel opportunities that they would bring along.  And there could be no better way to prove that I was no good, other than the one he had found last night!!

“I will tell you what’s cooking…”, I smiled, surprising him with my calm demeanor, especially after the earful I had received from my manager that morning.

Little did he know, that I  had found his comments on the tinkered *script, which confirmed the identity of the real culprit. I always did tell him that it was not a good idea to leave cheeky comments on database scripts that were moved to a real-time environment just because an *end-user would never see them, but he never listened. His “God” complex,  had gotten him into some real hot water this time.

The inner me had relaxed.

Linking to the Wordy Wednesday Prompt from Blog-A-Rhythm

*end-user – people like you and me who use any kind of software applications like online banking  or the ATM

*scripts or database scripts – chunks of technical codes, that help a software application function the way it is intended to


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