Waiting to Exhale

bar_ww_badegeShe pondered about her life at that moment and sighed satisfactorily over her steaming cup off coffee as she looked over the river and various ferries that dotted it every now and then.  She didn’t miss home; her parents? yes, but nothing else. Not the lecherous stares every time she wore sleeveless tops or skirts or the cat calls from random men on the roads. She didn’t have to walk back home from the bus stop with a knife hidden in her hands or be wary of anonymous passengers on the bus who would never miss a chance to brush themselves against her body when the bus braked…Nope, it was behind her for good. She had made a new life out here; where she could walk alone and where men at work actually listened to her ideas. A place where didn’t have to live according to societies expectations. No judgment from women because she was independent and no funny moves from men for the same reason! She could live free – fierce and independent and soon her parents who gave her the wings to fly would join her. Her fairy tale had come true.

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