Food for Thought for a Bloggers soul and Monday Musings

100SI have not had the opportunity to give blogging advise to anybody, but wanted to share some food for the thought for those wanting to start their blogging / writing journey

– What are your reasons for writing  – Is it meant to be cathartic or is it meant to unleash your creativity?

– Do you want it to be personal or do you want to share your thoughts on everything under the sun and gradually find you way to what you are trying to discover?

– If it is personal, do you have the courage to let go of what someone might think about your thoughts and opinions or how the process of voicing your thoughts as words might affect real life relationships?

– Most importantly it is important to keep the pace no matter how many visits you have or how many folks comment on your blog. In fact this is the most important of it all – as this little disciplined practice (a.k.a  not being lazy or a quitter) will make one a better writer.

– And finally, inspiration is everywhere! It is difficult for most of us to rise above the challenges that life throws in our way and find the time to write, but if one is really interested in exploring the world of words, one should have a strong resolve and pick up the slack even when  thoughts of giving up start doing the rounds!

Thanks Write Tribe for this #100wordsonSaturday prompt

MondayMusings1-214x300And considering its Monday and time for #Mondaymusings, I wanted to share some thoughts about the whole writing and blogging experience. Among all the pieces of advises above that I give myself on a daily basis, I find that the last two points are really hard to follow. How can someone write when stressed out with real life issues or when one is simply tired and cannot think clearly anymore? This has been the biggest challenge for me – I don’t have the energy or the time or sometimes real life is too difficult to deal with….

This is when it is important to connect with writing groups and other writers whose works interest you. Write Tribe is a great place to start and in case you need more inspiration and tips on writing you can also check out Writers Write. Now if this was not enough, you just need to search Facebook community pages or Google to discover like minded folks and groups that might cater to your particular area of interest. The number of memes and prompts around the word will definitely keep your creative juices flowing! Some examples that I can think of are Musing Mondays, Friday Finds, Teaser Tuesdays and more from A Daily Rhythm and of course Wordy Wednesdays from Blog A Rhythm! For the more seasoned bloggers / writers there are several writing challenges running all over the world at any given point in time.

Now, all of the above should definitely motivate and help to keep your creative juices flowing 🙂 I still have a long way to go in my journey…

Have a creative week everybody!! (even if you don’t necessarily write)



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