bar_ww_badegeShanti sighed with frustration as she opened the doors of her fridge. The different sized Tupperware boxes that lined the shelves greeted her with a threat of collapsing at the slightest complicated hand movement. What was she supposed to do with all this food? Why didn’t her cook just get the fact that she always cooked more than necessary! Not to mention the fact that nobody wanted to eat food from the week during the weekends! They worked hard during the week managing commutes, deadlines at work, a zillion meetings, homework, activities and everything that one could think of. They never really paid much attention to what they ate, as long it was palatable and healthy it went in… But weren’t weekends meant for relaxation, pampering and some good food and conversations at the dining table rather than bickering about old food??

And then, just like that, she saw the immense potential of what lay before her – an entire new brunch menu with what she had on hand…

She worked her magic and soon the humble daal was reborn as daal rotis, while the bhindi metamorphosed into bhindi masala with some onions and tomato to give them that boost! And as for the tons of rice…They debuted as pulao and yoghurt rice tempered with mustard and curry leaves!

She pat herself on the back when she saw the smiling faces at the dining table. The potential of another successful weekend as a mother and wife was in the works 🙂

*Daal – Indian preparation of lentils
*Rotis – Indian Flat bread made from wheat
*Bhindi – Okra
*Pulao – Indian preparation with rice, vegetables and spices

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  1. That was great. I was drooling as I read it. YUM! How creative to take leftovers and make something new with them. Wish I was good at that.

    Good use of both prompts.

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