The Weekend Movie Fix – De Monte Colony and Mass

Image Courtesy: Internet

Over the past two weekends I watched 2 horror movies from the “Kollywood” factory. One was an attempt at actual horror and the other one was a “horrosala”*** – an entertaining horror masala to be precise. While the ghost from “De Monte Colony” was  terrifyingly mad, the ghosts from “Mass” were all lovable and funny making me laugh more often than bite my nails in fear or anticipation

De Monte Colony, inspired by the spooky happenings at the De Monte house at Alwarpet, Chennai tells the tale of 4 frustrated friends who enter a haunted house to disprove the myth that ghosts haunt the De Monte house. Of the 4, one guy is a terrified of anything and everything and refuses to be a part of this exciting midnight adventure only to be forced into it by the others. They enter the house and loose the “paavam”* guy on purpose and finally leave when they have decided that they have had enough. What happens next is a trip filled with scary moments, thrills and chills! Some, like the other half did not find it scary enough while some like myself, (I can almost crush another persons arm while watching any kind of horror movie because I scare easily. Honestly, u just need to say “Boo!” and I will jump), found it to be a bit balanced! It is not a movie that gives you the creeps for hours after it ends and one can actually sleep in peace, which works perfectly for folks like myself 🙂 Packed with good performances from lesser known actors, I’d say that the movie a good “horrortainer”**. Perfect for a night out with friends.

Image Courtesy: Internet
Image Courtesy: Internet

The next one was a typical masala entertainer, “a Venkat Prabhu sixer” – “Mass” starring Surya and the usual sidekick of most Venkat Prabhu movies, Premgi Amaren. Maasilamani alias “Mass” meets with a traumatic accident and wakes up with the ability to see ghosts! Something tells me that this part of the plot is definitely inspired from some English movie. While coming to terms with his new found powers, Mass manages to do a take on MJ’s thriller (the costumes and dance moves were a very good cop. Though Surya is no MJ he does what he can in his own style) and even finds a way to become a millionaire by  becoming a fraudulent ghost buster. All goes well until he meets a suave ghost of a Canadian cop that looks exactly like him  and speaks Singhalese Tamil and starts executing some kind of revenge drama using Mass…Now, who is this ghost, what does it want and what is his connection with Mass? The movie is all about that with loads of Kollywood masala and sentiment thrown in!

Surya can pretty much perform such roles in his sleep and he fits both the roles of the ghost and the charlatan well. The heroine Nayanthara is there for the sake of a female presence and doesn’t have much to do. She looked quite tired and in need of some good food but to her credit she wore some pretty costumes! The other heroine in a guest appearance, Praneetha looked better and more healthier and seemed to have more to do, including  a song with the leading man. I still can’t get over the fact that both heroines were actually wearing clothes than women can wear in daily life… :p

Watch “Mass” if you are in the mood for a mindless masala entertainer!

*paavam – sad / innocent

** horrortainer – Horror+Entertainer

***horrosala – Horror+Masala


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