#MondayMusings: As muddled up as it gets!

MondayMusings1-214x300Does real life get in the way of creativity? Or is it the problems and challenges that the real life brings that get in the way of creativity? If a part of that statement were true, I find it funny that most successful authors had a pretty hard life…How did they overcome it all?

I have been struggling for months on end to even write a simple review or complete a book!! Even historical fictions! I cant bring myself to draw or paint, even though I bought a canvas and a brush!! Forget making note of all the recipes that I am trying….(and this is someone who has baked bread thrice over the past month!) everything that I was passionate about suddenly seems so dead to me! I have even been thinking on the lines of what good is all this when I am not able to do anything much with all of these so called talents! And I will definitely hurt anybody who might tell me that I should give up my day job and start painting for a living! Dude, seriously?? How does that even happen? I know many have done it but how? Following my dreams seems to be the most impossible thing to do.

So how do others that live a life filled with responsibilities and demands on their time and energy manage to get anything done?  I always had a “I can do it!” attitude, but these days I just want to be left alone and then I wonder what I would do if I were really left alone! My creativity has taken a hike!!

Yesterday someone told me that God troubles those who are strong enough to handle it, but then what happens when we are no longer able to handle all these lemons and have lost our ability to make lemonade? I should say, “God, you have actually weakened everyone with these never ending headaches because they have become tired of staying strong! That being said I am ready for the good times, and you can let those to rock my life starting anytime now”

And then I read this somewhere “Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, but learning to dance in the rain” I am not too sure about dancing in the rain”. Right now if I did start dancing in the rain, I might end up with a bad cold but whoever wrote it is a millionaire and probably the most decent person on earth! Check this site to know  what I mean.

Finally, I have done the only thing I could do! Started typing away furiously on my keyboard without a care about prospective readers (No disrespect to anybody) liking my post or wondering if I have any real talent or imagination! I am not sure how long it will be before I can claw myself out  this time, but until then – thanks WriteTribe for #MondayMusings. If this subject can’t get me to write, I don’t know what will. Now, my unfinished canvases and all the art that I have always wanted to do, only God can help me!



  1. Ah. I can understand that feeling. But one day things do fall into place and you get back into the groove of doing just what you want, the way you want and when you want. Hang in there.

  2. I can emphatize with his feeling when we work and there is so little time to do creative stuffs. Ive been working on a novel for the past two and half years, still half way through the first draft..makes me wonder. Btw, I love how you make joke out of dancing in the rain.
    Keep writing coz u are so good:)

    • Thanks so much! for visiting and commenting – I am glad you are through your first draft. I have always wanted to write a book but have never been able to get down to it. I have some ideas for the book but no ideas to execute them! 🙂 Basically have trouble getting started and keeping the pace…..hopefully things will look up..

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