“J” – A-Z Challenge : Short Story

JJealousfeeling resentment because of another’s success, advantage, etc

feeling resentment against someone because of that person’s rivalry, success, or advantages

He was horrified at his reflection on the mirror. he had green horns and his hands were covered with green scales and his fingers looked like claws! He touched his head and checked his hands. He found no horns or claws…Then, what was that ugly creature on the other side of the mirror?

He screamed for help, but his voice failed him. As he looked pleadingly at his monstrous reflection, the green monster continued to stare at him anger while bringing his attention to some images beyond it.

He started at horror at those moving images of himself from the past. He watched as he sabotaged the promotion of his reportee as he did not want them to move ahead of him. He witnessed how he had never delivered the message of an interview call to his best friend….Rewind to years before : he watched how he had stolen a gift that was meant for his cousin and how he had got the class topper in trouble by hiding a small sheet of answers under his desk during an exam. He watched in mute horror as he watched how he had got ahead in life by walking over everyone he had been jealous of…

The monster turned its attention back to him. It pleaded to him to return it to its original self. Unable to understand, he started at the monster closely again Those eyes! He knew those eyes – he looked at them in the mirror everyday and now they were turning green too…

He realized who the monster was – it was his soul! It had turned ugly and was pleading to him to become human again.

He woke up with a startle, sweating all over. He rushed to the mirror only to find his normal sour self staring back at him. The nightmare had seemed so real. Soon he scrambled to get ready for work. He entered the office and knocked on the doors of the office of Human Resources, rather than making his way to his office. He wanted to change his recommendation and make sure that his reportee got that promotion. For the first time in may years, he had a genuine smile on his face.

Within him, the green monster watched in delight as its horns shrunk a little and some of its scales disappeared.



  1. Love it! I wonder if people truly do not realize when they are jealous. It would be great if they had revelations or signs such as this one to change their ways!

    AtoZchallenge blogger

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