“I” – A-Z of Self Discovery


Inspiration – a person, place, experience, etc., that makes someone want to do or create something

I deliberately missed posting for the alphabets I, J and K! I went down the road that I usually take, which is not do anything when I feel overwhelmed by life. I realized that I was nowhere near where I intended to be professionally and in general seemed to be plagued with loads of life issues while compared to some. What could be worse – being on the same grade as someone who probably needs to start fresh in the organization or realizing that some one who started working after you is at a higher grade though their experiences and skills are lesser than yours?

With this line of thinking and the negativity which fills an individual at moments like these, I  had no motivation to post anything. Seriously, what am I writing for? Do I dare to think I might get published some day? Seems like a joke! There are those who can create better pieces of art than me, almost everybody is a great photographer, most seem to be able to afford to travel and every other person is a wonderful chef! What was I doing with all my pieces of virtual real estate and my life in general?

Thoughts like these and worse seemed to take over, until this morning I realized that this writing challenge was supposed to be all about discovering myself and leave some wise words for my son. And the thought of what he might think of me, the day he reads my blogs and realizes that I gave up half way scared me more!! And I am all about never giving up on things that I feel strongly about.

That moment I found my inspiration – my little boy who likes to keep going at things until he is satisfied. Sure, he loves any appreciation he gets and especially adores it when I say “Good Job!!”, but then he won’t really be aghast if I forget to tell him that. He would continue to do what he loves and take joy in discovering that he can speak a new word or do something else with that wooden puzzle!

wonderful1Note to selfInspiration is everywhere! Start with your little one and then everything else that is innocent, pure and beautiful with this world! The blue skies, the pretty flowers, the floating butterflies and the joy that you experience when the wind caresses your face on a balmy day. When there are so many things that are good in this world, won’t something good happen to you? While appreciation is good, it is those who carry on despite it who actually and more importantly NEVER GIVE UP do something with their lives; they would be truly happy at the end of their long journey!

Note to the little one – Be who you are and believe in everything that you think you can do! Find inspiration in the little things around you and within you, because sometimes in life, all you have would be your own thoughts for company to move on.


  1. It is at moments like that we need to get out of negativity..and work with all we have and surely we shall be able to get our due.
    Coincidentally I am reading..I bought the monk’s Ferrari by Ravi subramaniyam..and its a very motivating book.

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