“H” – A-Z of Self Discovery



A definition / meaning for happy – feeling or showing pleasure or contentment




No point in waiting for that day

When everything would be place,

No point in waiting for that day

To start doing things your way.



No point in waiting for that day

When you think you will be at your happiest best,

No point in waiting for that particular day,

To climb mountains, when the hillock across town stands tall today.



For that day may never arrive,

Or when it does, it might find you wrinkled, old and a tad bit sour

Stop waiting for that day to arrive, to start doing everything that matters

Because starting them now is what really matters.



When that day finally arrives

It will find you happy and radiant,

Having done all those little things that fed your soul and leaving few stones unturned

You would perceived as the happiest person that has ever been.



Note to the little one – If you are wondering if you mom had gone insane while writing this, let me put your mind to rest and assure you that I am just at my muddled up best! Ok, I am going to stop that tone of writing right away…

All that I was trying to tell you and myself was to start doing all those little things (in my case, write /attempt bad poetry like the one above) that make you happy. Don’t wait for that perfect day in the future when you think you will have all the time and resources to start doing whatever it is that you want. Happy people are those that feed their soul and when they are happy they make the world a peaceful, radiant and better place. Do those little things that matter to you and as long as you stay true to yourself and not get in the way of others, you would have led a very productive life and more importantly you will be a Happy Person! Leaving you with a quote from one of my favorite comics…..hope you will enjoy peanuts too!

Image courtesy: Internet

Written as a part of the A-Z Blogging Challenge 2015


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