“E” – A-Z of Self Discovery


Engage – I cannot recall any part of my childhood when I whiled away my week ends or holidays or for that matter even the weekdays. I was always busy doing something or the other – when I was younger it was dance and painting and as I grew older it was more boring stuff (for me) like science and mathematics, until I got back to doing something different in my free time again! Even as recent as 6 years ago I was taking salsa classes, or swimming classes and art classes again! When I was not taking classes or not at work or not doing other serious activities related to life I practiced swimming on my own, tried creating new recipes, read tons of books and created pieces of art.

As a kid, I never understood why my parents chose to keep me occupied all the time. I can still hear my mom saying “An idle mind is a devils workshop”. They gave me few occasions to complain about feeling bored. There were days when I had lost interest in dancing or painting but then I usually snapped out of that mindset pretty soon.

Soon, I discovered that being engaged in something or rather keeping my mind engaged in something productive lead me to discover new worlds and ideas and even kept me fit! it opened up a whole new world that helped me grow as an individual and a positive side of that was that I found something to do other than homework. When stuck with the stress of work, there was always something other than television that helped me unwind. These activities made me calmer and fresher to face the world.  More significantly, even when I travelled or lived away from home, I did not mope around feeling lonely or home sick or longing for things that I could not have immediately, because I always found something to and keep my mind off boredom and other issues that accompany the same. I enjoyed spending time by myself and sometimes that is very important in life, don’t you think? I finally understood what my parents had done throughout my childhood – they had kept me engaged without letting my brains getting soft and transformed me into somebody who had something to do, apart from the work at the office and home!

Over the years, I also realized that when I didn’t have much to do (and this I have noticed with may others as well) I tend to worry about things outside my control or even imagine problems when there were none – the sad side effects of growing up! So why not channel all that energy into doing something creative?

I am telling myself all this now because I have let myself slip into some old ways again – worrying about things that may or may not happen and imagining the worst about everything! So a note to myself: Read this post often and don’t forget what your parents strived hard for and do what you can for your little one to make sure he discovers his passions and make his world a brighter place!

Note to the little one – if you find great joy in doing something, go for it with all your heart. Now, you enjoy your books, trucks, cars and blocks and maybe tomorrow you’d want to build a hot rod! Loose your self in books and toys until you start zeroing in on what you want to do. And, if you do want build that hot rod some day, try and do it. Don’t sit around wasting your time wondering why you cannot do it or worse, questioning your ability to do it! Because, that is the start of setting foot into the devils workshop and you never want to go there!

Written as a part of the A-Z Blogging Challenge 2015



  1. Very, very well said! It’s so important to stay engaged and interested, and not allow ourselves to get bored – I aim to follow this strategy every day. Thanks for sharing your post!

  2. I enjoyed the post…. (i like the word ‘engaged’… it has so many uses, ‘engage myself’… engage the world’) the tricky part (for me) with engaging the world is to make certain that I am engaging the real world, as opposed the real world (as I would have it be).*

    Allow me to re-phrase that, often we go out into the world with expectations of the people/places/things/events that we know we will encounter. And (sometimes), speaking for myself only, I will listen to my expectations more than I listen to the world around me. Then I go home disappointed.
    The saving grace is, of course, being aware of this predilection, and trying not to let myself miss out on the un-anticipated potential of the day.

    *lol I just reread that and thought, ‘hey clark! way to go with a first comment on a total stranger’s blog post! Why don’t you rephrase that…

    • Thanks for stopping by! Well this is always the case with the real world…But once you are aware of this as (like in your case) things can’t be so bad 🙂

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