“C” – A-Z to Self Discovery

C (1)C

Children, Confidence and more – I don’t recall being curious about other small kids or babies as a child. I was never into girly games or dolls! Coming to think about it, I only had one doll with pretty blue eyes that used to open and shut and I got a Barbie when I could no longer play with one. Even as a teenager, I don’t remember going all gooey eyed or gaga over babies or toddlers (even the ones that were as cute as a button) Then I had my own baby and the world changed. For someone who imagined herself to  be very low on the curve of maternal quotient, I was proved totally wrong!

Motherhood tests me in many ways on a daily basis and while I am mostly tearing my hair out, I also learn a lot from my toddler. Some of these lessons which I feel I should try to adopt in my life when I can are:

Make a noise: Especially when you need something! Guaranteed that this is also the most annoying habit of a child and a parent’s worst nightmare. But maybe, just maybe, every once in a while we can try this out in our lives. Haven’t we felt that we have been sidelined at work? Maybe we deserve a higher salary, that promotion or that particular role that we can do justice to….but many a time in life, we keep quiet and move ahead being miserable because our ego gets in the way or we assume that we won’t get what we are looking for even if we ask for it! Well, I have decided that I will ask for it….the worse thing that can happen is that I won’t get what I want. But then, what if I get lucky? 🙂

Curiosity: Be curious about anything that might interest you. I am not referring to  local gossip about the lives of others, but other things that make up this world! It might be as simple as a new book on the shelf, that new ingredient that you are not sure about but want to try anyway or checking out those little lady bugs under the rock with your little one. Seeing my little one be curious about most things including the coffee filter, I have realised that in most cases curiosity leads to wonder and the feeling of wonder is something that everyone can do withAnd if you have observed the beauty of those little lady bugs under a rock or a window sill you will know what I am talking about.

Confidence: Only a small child can confidently trot around with mismatched clothes with food stains and bad hair and still feel good about himself! So yes, I’d like to be confident even I am having a bad day, because when I don’t loose my confidence, I am definitely a more fun person to be with! And I am pretty sure I would be more successful in all walks of life.

Eat when you are hungryAnd eat until you are full. Not more or not less. With this I have the most successful tip for a healthy diet for life! Now, if I can just follow that…

Dance as if nobody is watching – When I watch my little one doing his gawky dance moves to the tunes he loves, I also see the happiness that lights up his face. He has even pulled these moves in stores and malls before he got shy and stopped. Well, that is what I need to do every now and then…dance without bothering about who is watching. And I don’t literally mean dance – I want to do things that I love doing without a care about being judged. That would make me be a better person and a better mom.

Well, there is more that I could list, but this should do for now. With the tips above for me to follow, a note to my little one: Never forget that inner child in you. Let him peep out every now and then. Even when you are an adult, especially when you are an adult. Odds are that this is the best recipe for a more physically and emotionally healthy life.

Written as a part of the A-Z Blogging Challenge 2015


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