“A” – A-Z of Self Discovery

APRIL-CALENDAR [2015]I have never been good with any kind of challenge so I am pretty skeptical about even attempting this one – the A-Z blogging challenge where one can feel free to write about any subject in the world starting from the letter A moving to the letter Z. Now, most successful bloggers that I know of usually have a theme on what they’d like to write about and have it all sorted out in the heads and in some cases in their draft folders too. Now, I don’t have much time to put anything in my drafts folders and my mind not clear enough for me to have it all sorted out in my head.

So while I was in the shower yesterday, I was wondering what someone like myself who is a kind of a lost soul these days, could write about? What would be my theme? And most importantly, would I be able to manage posting regularly keeping in order with the alphabets?

So I figured that if I knew I was lost, I should probably set out to find myself – kind of re-discover me. I, Me and Myself. With this train of thought I started wondering if this challenge could help me on that journey. So that’s what I thought I would do; discover my likes, dislikes, fears (facing said fears) and goals… again. And if this doesn’t turn out the way it is supposed to, at least my strong headed son (26 months now) would know more about me some day when he is old enough to read 🙂 With that in mind, here goes nothing…..


Airports – Ever since I was old enough to figure out what planes were and what an airport was, I wanted to set foot inside a flight! My cousins who kept popping into our home with their fancy chocolates and stories of lands far away only fuelled my desire to get on a plane and fly away to magical lands far away from my actual life  which was akin to a slow Indian art film! So the day my dad got me my first flight ticket  to fly from Bangalore to Chennai (erstwhile Madras) was a  big day for me…It didn’t matter that jealous relatives pooh poohed his decision to put his only child on a flight back home on a ticket that costed 500 bucks (a princely sum those days) when there was Brindavan express and Mail to the rescue!

Well, we weren’t going to let the sour cats ruin our party! So on the day of my first flight, I put on my best dress (a lacy pink frock) with matching sandals (that actually had teeny weenie negligible heels that resulted in another round of poo poohing by my aunts) and even a fancy purse that I slung across my body like a messenger bag. A dream had come true and I sat on the flight accepting the Ravalgon toffees that Air India provided those days along with a warm towel to wipe your face (I had never seen anything so fancy till then, I mean tiny white towels rolled beautifully and perfectly moist at the right temperature, it was a little girls dream come true!)

And the take off!!! Even now, when I get on a flight, the take off makes my heart wildly happy! The feeling of butterflies in my stomach along with dreams of accomplishing something new as I fly high in the air is something that only my soul knows… The dreams, hopes, freedom and independence that I cling hard to everyday in my life, suddenly float around me with so much ease! The words of the song by Nelly Furtado come to mind as I type out this post:

“I’m like a bird, I’ll only fly away

I don’t know where my soul is, I don’t know where my home is…”

Well on that particular flight, thanks to all the excitement I dropped my juice on the gentleman next to me! He was probably annoyed with me but then didn’t say much since I was a little kid. And I took great pride in introducing him and the air hostess to my parents when we landed at Madras!! What a trip!

It was many years between that trip and the next one! But one thing that always stayed with me was the dreams of exploring a new world and making my footprint in this world.

Now, I no longer look forward to flying thanks to how tedious it has become! The never-ending security checks, the flights that seem to make seating space a negligible attribute, crew that have bad attitudes and then the passport and immigration officers that wear suspicious expressions on their faces and make life more miserable by asking you questions like “Why are you here??? ” For once, I’d like to answer “Because, Mr/Miss Sour face, just because you can’t get off your back side and go anywhere and do nothing with your life, doesn’t mean I can’t!”

Now that I think about it, taking a flight these days is just like life. There will be hardships and the journey may be hard but then the hope of accomplishment is not something that one should lose. So I shouldn’t really find them annoying or tedious, right?

So here is a little something for me and the little one – ‘Never let go of your dreams and the excitement at the prospect of an opportunity that might interest you (it is a journey after all ) and when the chance presents itself, leave behind all the doubts and fear and TAKE THAT FLIGHT! And dress well while you are at it, because all said and done you want to look good. And you are definitely going to spill your juice on some kind souls that may help you on your way to glory and when that happens I am hopefully confident they will just wipe it off and hand you your cup back again!! Just don’t take advantage of that! You have dreams to fullfill, goals to achieve, mountains to climb and a life to live not survive!

And in my case, if the almighty approves, I might end up in the poppy fields of Sicily one day! 🙂



  1. Great post! I’m so glad you decided to take the challenge and I think it’s absolutely thrilling to be “winging it”, as they say. How fun for you, how fun for us! This is my second year doing the A-Z; this year I have a theme but last year I didn’t and I loved the freedom of just picking a word to write about. Have fun!!
    Love the topic of your post too. So much wisdom to share with your little one. There really is something magical about flying sometimes, isn’t there?
    I enjoyed your post and will look forward to more. I’m going to bookmark your blog so I can come back regularly. 🙂
    Happy A-Zing…
    Michele at Angels Bark

  2. You have a great start. I am looking forward at peeking in to see if you find something that had been lost. Maybe the trail just has a lot of underbrush and you are not really lost at all. Looking forward to your posts!

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