I might have lost to a book!

Courtesy: Internet
Courtesy: Internet

It is a moment of pride and joy, a feeling that maybe something is right with this world when you discover that your little one loves books. Well, it could be that he loves the picture of trucks on the books or books about trucks but I’d like to think that he loves books 🙂

Yesterday, when we were out shopping, my two year old discovered a picture book and insisted that it was his book. I cleverly (or so I thought) got past that one by taking the book to billing and requesting the cashier to put it away because my son had too many books! Round 1 – Mom.

But then what I forgot was that other stores have more books! Didn’t matter that mommy had given him the slip at Store A, the little one made sure he would get his book at Store B. He claimed ownership of another book as usual and when I refused to buy it for him, he ran all the way to the book shelf and stood there saying “My Book!” loud enough for everybody to hear.

Thinking that I could outsmart him again, I tried cajoling him and telling him that I would buy him the book the next time we were at the store, but he wouldn’t give up! He clutched his precious book in his tiny hands repeating “My Book!” until (gasp) I finally gave in and got him the book…. Round 2 – Little one + book

Having succeeded in round two, he insisted that he read the book in the car which I was against – I mean, didn’t my parents ever tell me not read a book in a running vehicle and did I ever listen? A big fat NO, which probably explains why I wear glasses and here I was thinking my son would listen to me! What a joke….on me! If this was not enough, he said “Light!” indicating that I turn the lights on inside the car so that his highness could read! This went on till we reached home and he insisted that I read the book to him while taking his shoes off and while changing him. He refused to go to bed and finally relented when I said he could take his book with him! You can say, I was tired by then and needed to sleep more than him! Round 3 – Tie: all parties

Just when I thought we were done for the night, he insisted on reading the book in the dark and actually started browsing the pages! Considering I had no superpowers to pull that one off, he relented only when I put the book next to him on his pillow and told him he could sleep with it and read it in the morning! Round 4 – Little one + book

And the first thing that he asked for this morning after he woke up, in lieu of his regular huggies, was “Where…book?”! You can clearly see who won this match!

Feels like I am being replaced! Slowly but surely the process has begun and I am not sure how I feel about this…only time will tell. Until then I take solace in the fact that the little one could be a book nut and I am proud of my little nut 🙂


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