I thought I saw him standing there, when the memory of rejection and humiliation, came back to haunt me. “You are not aggressive enough to survive out here and I need a smart wife!” I still seethed with anger at the memory of that shallow accented voice that belonged to Dev.

“Shruthi, your candidate is ready”, interrupted Piya, the HR manager as she pushed a resume in my hands, directing me to room 5. Wondering if my eyes had tricked me, I entered the room to find a candidate that rose with a cocky gait and hands outstretched in the way of a formal greeting. As our eyes met and recognition dawned he faltered, leaning on his chair for support…

“Dev, is it”?, I said with an amused smile while his face paled. “You need to be sure of your footing if you need to survive in this company…”

As I sat down in front of him, I remembered Karma. Yes, karma had a sense of humor and it had showed up when least expected.

#WriteTribeWednesdayPrompt 2015-1 – 21 January 2015



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