The fruit of discovery

My first real attempt  at writing a fictional piece. Thanks to the writing prompts by The Book Club. The piece is purely fictional though I did find some inspiration online about the places and characters mentioned. If you enjoyed reading it, drop me a comment.
Picture Courtesy: PWP – The Book Club

Spring 1610

The county of Lindsey was bathed in specks of green and clear blue skies. It was windy and cool but that did not stop Lizzie from walking around the little garden pond scattered with lilies trying to meet the sun whilst competing for space with their siblings who had formed pretty islands of red, pink and white over the cold, muddy brown waters. Out here in the beautiful and modest gardens of Woolsthorpe manor, Lizzie was free to be herself, free to dream about the poems she would write and the books she wanted to read. She knew that day dreaming would never make a difference, but she dared.

She turned to look at the manor where her mother spent her days working with the family, skinning chickens, rearing sheep, cleaning the sheds and tending to the hearth. It was a hard life but with a drunk for a husband and a young daughter, she had to do her part to ensure a life better than her own for her daughter. The kind Ayscough family whom she worked for, loved Lizzie like their own, so much so that their eldest daughter and Lizzie’s best friend Hannah even shared rooms on those nights when it would be too cold or dark for them to return to their tiny little cottage miles down the road. As the smell of young apples from the orchards wafted in with the cool spring air,  Lizzie wished for a better fate. She could not dream of a life with no expectations or unfulfilled dreams for the daughters she might have one day. She would live her life making a difference in this world… No! She would never be just another woman in a mans world.

Winter 1610

Lizzie looked on sadly as her best friend tossed a handful of earth on the simple wooden coffin. Hannah was kind enough to hold her mother’s hand, while she wept over the fresh grave. Lizzie’s now non-existent heart pained for her mother who would spend the rest of her life lonely and sad.

“But, what was I supposed to do mother, when all hopes for a fruitful life were shattered to smithereens when my drunk father chose to marry me off to another like himself”? As she sobbed next to her mother, she tried to explain how she had  tried to run away, about how she had been caught by her drunken fiancé and how she had fallen off her horse as she tried to fight him.

“I thought I had my foot firmly in the saddles”, she cried…”but I toppled trying to fend him off hitting my head on the rocks…..”

Her mother could only hear the wailing of the wind and as she left with Hannah the smell of apples wafted into their nostrils leaving behind the memory of a feisty best friend and daughter.

Few days later, Lizzie  watched as Hannah planted an apple tree over the grave, in memory of her dear friend.

She moved to sit on the branches of the apple tree whose young leafy branches caressed Hannah gently across the cheeks…She wondered if she would ever move on without making a difference.

Summer 1666

Lizzie watched the manor from her favorite position on the now sturdy branches of the tall apple tree. She noticed young Issac walk outside the house, in a pensive mood. Just yesterday she had heard him talk with great excitement about science and his studies about gravitation with his mother, her good friend Hannah. Forgotten dreams haunted her again while a young duckling wandered away from the pond.  Lost in her thoughts, she failed to notice the apple that was about snap off the branch which could no longer take its weight. The duckling was under the tree when the apple chose to snap. She swooped out to sway the apple from falling on the duckling, making a whoosh sound that distracted young Issac from his thoughts. As the apple fell to the ground, she found Issac staring through her at the tree and then apple with an expression that she could not fathom. Something had happened…but it was far beyond her realm of understanding

Summer 1686

It was a quiet evening and Lizzie found Hannah walking towards her tree. As Hannah sat down at the trunk of the tree, she unfolded a letter which she read aloud.

“Dear Mother, it is with great happiness that I write to you today to let you know that I have presented my theory of the universal law of gravitation, a part of my very first book titled Newton’s Principia,  to the Royal Society of England. This has been accepted by the Society in spirit…”

Eyes brimming with tears of happiness, Hannah looked up to the tree and mouthed the words “For you, my dear friend Lizzie…you have poised this world for greater changes….”

Suddenly, Lizze felt lighter than usual and started moving to the portal of bright light that had just appeared before her. But not before leaving her friend Hannah with a gentle caress of a breeze filled with the scent of fresh apples..



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