Musings of the Tea Leaves

Starting off the new year with a Saturday prompt, that I managed to post on Monday! Some things never change….So, this year I made no resolutions as far as my blogs or dreams for writing are concerned. I have decided to go with the flow and see what happens! The best things happen when we don’t plan them right? Nope! No wise man said that…it is just my own quote of the moment 🙂 So, what do you make of this 100 words story?


She loved the pretty white cups at “tea lights” and she loved  their chai as much as her own. As she turned away from the counter admiring both, she bumped into him spilling her hot cuppa all over him.  They locked eyes as he moved away with an amused smile….

She looked into her tea cup to find that the tea leaves had formed a pattern of a dancing  couple. Annoyed with her clumsy self she looked up,  but he was gone…

The tea leaves told a story. …but, did she know that?


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