J’adore and another challenge……Really??

It is beyond me as to why I would even want to participate in any writing challenges! Seriously! I have tried many of these before and have never succeeded. Why, just as I type this I can see that I am already late by a day, but then to be fair I got to know about this challenge only last evening before dinner and I couldn’t so much until late at night and when its late I just want to sleep!

All said and done, I have been wanting to be more regular with my blogs and writing in general for a few years now, but then life always gets in the way and 24 hours in a day never seems enough. It is always the lack of time or energy 😦 I always wonder how women (especially ones with tiny toddlers) who perform multiple roles in their lives find the time to dedicate for their passions. So as my first post for UBC I would like to applaud the following wonderful bloggers who are a motivation to folks like myself:

Nishita’s Rants and Raves – One my favorite blogs! A tech writer, wife and mom of two – she blogs about everything under the sun! It’s amazing how she manages to find the time for her blog despite a full-time job and two kids!

Books, Life and More – Smitha is a favorite among many bloggers in India! Her blog is popular for all her book reviews and of course her take on life!! Again a busy mom with a full time job and an overflowing book shelf!!

Searching Self –  I love Bhagya’s blog for the great short stories and magic she weaves around many writing prompts. Off late her blog has taken a turn to explore her spiritual journey and her understanding of various chapters of the Bahgavad Gita. Again a woman who performs many roles in her life. I make it a point to read every post on her blog…

Recommend Books – Reema Sahay is an avid reader and doting mom and her book reviews and other posts make for great reading. She writes on multiple sites like parentous.com and http://penpaper.blogspot.com/

Anoobhooti – I have been following Renu’s blog for many years now and I have loved the years of wisdom that shine through in most of her posts! In simple terms she explains the many facets of life and sometimes even makes us wonder about the various things we might not care to think about or take for granted. A great mom and grandmom her love for music, books, food, travel and life shien through in her blog.

I caught a falling star –  A friend with multiple talents! There isn’t anything that Keerti can’t do! A human rights(I think) lawyer, a published author, a great writer, founder of the Red Elephant Foundation, a feminist, an artist and I don’t know what else!I wonder if she ever sleeps! Check out her blog for some great writing on many subjects.

Deep Ties – Again a friend, bibliophile, published author, great writer, fun loving mom, army wife and more! I adore Deepti’s command of the English language and her imagination and creativeness when she does what she does best – Write!

I don’t think you will ever find a dull moment in any of the blogs mentioned above! There are many more blogs that I could add to the list but just like other facets of my life these days even this list is pretty un-organized! With this post I wanted to put my hands to all these lovely bloggers and other great women out there who follow their dreams and passions come what may!! You guys know who you are and I would like to say you ROCK!!

Now let me see if I can try to keep up with all these lovely ladies 🙂



  1. Oh wow! Thanks for the kind words and mentioning my blog. Finding time to blog is hard, but I really love it. It provides a break from all the regular humdrum moments in my life.

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