Frankly Spooking

Image Courtesy: Internet
Image Courtesy: Internet

An unsettling collection of tales that will draw out the fears that lie hidden in the deepest, darkest recesses of your mind. You encounter the dead in places you would never expect: the corridors of a swanky office, a busy shopping mall, a quiet classroom or may be knocking at your door.

Tales of horror, unexpected yet not unfamiliar, Frankly Spooking is perfect for those nights when the rains lash against your window pane and the lights go off

It has been reigning horror, spooky, scary and weird of late on my side of the library! First it was “The Disappearance of Tejas Sharma and Other Hauntings” followed by “The Other Side” (which I am waiting to get my hands on) In the midst of these two I discovered this piece of horror lit, or rather “IT” found me….and to think that this book was actually released before the other two and went unnoticed! This book found “its” way to me via a facebook message, requesting to be read, enjoyed (rather spooked) and shared!Ok! I know that the “it” references probably doesn’t scare anyone, but the book did more than its fair share to make sure I had the lights on at night for at least 2 nights in a row!

Seriously, I never knew that we had so many Indian authors excelling in the subject of the paranormal, supernatural, spooky incidents and any other adjectives that one can think of when it comes to horror lit. “Frankly Spooking” is a collection of 30 short-medium sized stories, that succeeded in scaring the “heebie-jeebies” out of me. While the scary elements in “Tejas Sharma….” were more subtle, “Frankly..” makes sure that fear stares at you in a very obvious manner right from the start thus doing a great job justifying its title.

The book starts off by challenging one’s belief in ghosts in “Directors Cut” followed by a human revenge saga in “Face off”. Close on the heels of these stories were possessed “Mannequins on move”  and vaastu challenged haunted houses which scared its residents by smiling at them in the dark…. **Spoiler Alert** Trust me, after reading this particular story, you’d worry anytime your husband steps into the bathroom in the middle of the night**Spoiler Alert** If this was not enough, the pace of the book tones down a bit with a surprise birthday party thrown by a bunch of dead people, possessed ear phones (Didn’t even see that one coming,did you??”) and crazy ventriloquist or ventriloquist dummies, it was difficult to say which one was which! And all this was just under 20% of the book!!

Then there was the sentimental touch with the ghost of an illegal daughter who watches lovingly over her “Dada’s house” for several generations making sure its residents are happy and the teddy bear with a sense of humor in “Rockabye”. Well, the later was a bit scary too..Am glad my son doesn’t care much for teddy bears!Phew!

The “weird” element shines through in the form of a tattoo gone wrong in “Inked” (gulp! and to think I have been tattooed) and you will never look at your team mate the same way after reading the story of cannibal practices in “Team Player “.

If all this was not enough, most of the stories get your heart rate soaring that you start wondering if you are safe reading the book alone! Seriously, I was scared silly by one of my sons helium balloons that floated when I brushed against it on the floor! And then for the grand finale – the tale of blogs gone wrong, when bloggers come across a blog maintained by ghosts themselves! This was kind of scary when we think of the sheer number of blogs that are out there…makes you wonder how many of them are maintained by real people. Scary, no??

The book does have its share of “blah” moments in the form of “Candy Uncle” and “Wall of Silence…No More?” but then for most part of it the book delivers. As I have mentioned in some of my reviews before, it is not very easy to scare someone with just words and accomplishing this marks the success of authors that stray into this branch of writing – Sriramana Muliya definitely succeeds. He has found a way to make the most simple things and everyday events into a mystery….You may think that maybe I scare easily (and maybe I do) but do read the book to find out for yourself…

I wish I had an author signed copy of this book, it would have been great to have this in my collection..Do read the book if you love listening to tales of the “unknown” and the “dead”. I don’t believe you would be disappointed!

You can keep up with Sriramana through his FB profile and his blog “Malignant Humor In My Head

You can buy the book at any of the leading online book stores.



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