I’d do things differently…

This weeks contribution to 100 Words on Saturday organized by Write Tribe.  A loud “Thank You” to those that have visited my previous posts and have left words of encouragements in the form of comments and likes…

Unfortunately, I am still over a 100 words but am trying to stick to the word limit 🙂

The prompt “I’d do things differently

Courtesy: Writetribe.com
Courtesy: Writetribe.com

She recalled falling on the pavement trying to avoid the bike that was going to slam her. Drenched in blood, she could vaguely sense being pushed on a stretcher and loaded into an ambulance. Through the sliver of her eyes, she could see a host of faces swimming in and out of focus while barely understanding what the voices were saying. She felt the reassuring touch of someone telling her that everything was going to be alright.

She regretted the face she saw and the voice she heard. It was the same girl she had bullied at school with others. At that time, she had just wanted to fit in, but now as she looked at the face streaked with tears, all she wanted to do was set things right. “Dear God, if only I survive this, I’d do things differently” she prayed, as she drifted into unconsciousness…..



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