Had I looked back….

My contribution (mostly fictional, of course) for a second time in a row to 100 Words on Saturday organized by Write Tribe.  If you know me as well as I do, you’d know that this is an achievement! 🙂

The prompt “Had I looked back”

Courtesy: Writetribe.com
Courtesy: Writetribe.com

Today, a dream had come true! I had won the prize for the solo musical performance at the mother of all inter-school competitions. The judge, a leading singer from the Tamil music industry declared “Shilpa has a very powerful voice…..I hope to work with her some day”. As I accepted my awards, I waved to my best friend Tara, who was the reason why I was on this stage today. Nobody even knew I had a singing voice except Tara until few years ago….

It was at Tara’s insistence, that I had agreed to appear for the inter house cultural auditions at my school two years ago. I was extremely nervous and shy to sing considering that most of the “IT” girls were around and the fact that most of them were in the choir only stressed me out. I had not been selected for the choir, in fact my music teacher had not even bothered to audition me, but my cultural captain did not know that. My voice had initially trembled as I belted out “Life is a Mystery” by Madonna  and few minutes later I opened my eyes to a stunned and silent audience. Tara just smiled at me as the cultural captain asked me to show up for practice starting the next day. It was only later that I came to know of the what had transpired behind me as I had appeared for the auditions.

Had I looked back, I would have seen a bunch of girls, predictably from the choir sniggering and sneering at me for daring to attempt to sing. They sarcastically asked Tara “Can’t believe that she turned up for the audition..Can she even sing?”

Well so much for that – I am glad I had not looked back or turned around or was even completely aware of my surroundings that day. I had followed my heart and dreams and it had not let me down…



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