Letters Unsent

Image Courtesy: Writers Tribe
Image Courtesy: Writers Tribe

My  first ever post in response to a prompt from writer tribe, a wonderful site for aspiring writers and those who just want to write.

The Prompt: The person who caused you a lot of pain / Some one you wish you could forgive

Dear Ex-boss,

Trust you are doing well. It has been many years since we connected and for some reason you have been in my thoughts as I ponder about my career or the lack of. I always go back to that day when I left the organization that we worked for, the projects which piqued my interests in the world of banking and operations. I cherished those hard working days where I never once complained about the long days and nights spent at the office, not even when you sms’ed us at 3:00AM asking us to be at work at 7:00AM to help you with some audit. I was personally thankful to you for bringing out the best in me and handing over responsibilities to me that would never come to anyone so early in their careers. I discovered that I has a passion for working in a Banking environment across timelines and geographies and was satisfied as I reaped the efforts of my hard work – accolades and promotions, however dull the pay was!

What happened that changed your mind? After our final our successful implementation, it felt as if you were no longer happy with any credit that I received from seniors and clients. It felt like you didn’t want me to shine anymore. You deliberately sent your “Yes” man to fulfill a great role at the clients location. Though it felt wrong at the time, I brushed it away. I learnt later that you had deliberately passed me over for this opportunity, though the client had mentioned his interest in me fulfilling the particular role. You prevented me from doing something that could have been a great turning point in my career. Instead you bullied me into taking up a role I had no interest in or had no prospect for further growth in terms of learning and made me report to a woman who was bitter and saw me as a threat to her position! I still remember how you embarrassed me in front the entire team during that meeting where you bullied me into taking up the role that I would hate for life and even push me to resign. It cost me my health and peace – but what did you care?

You left a few months later to fulfill  a senior management role at the same company where I could have been placed! Only then I realized that you had taken care of all your “yes” men before you left, but somehow had no reason to do anything good for me. I was just a girl and you did not want me shining as bright as your guys!

Today you occupy one of top offices of a leading financial institution and your career has grown by leaps and bounds, but I cant help but fight the feeling that you quelled mine! It gave me great pleasure when I found out that your “yes” man was actually let go a year or two after he was placed!

You have given me recommendations when I joined other companies, but till date, I  have not been able to fathom why you behaved the way you did. What was the reason for the sudden change in your attitude towards me? Did you find me a threat or undeserving of the attention and credits I received on account of my work? Did other chauvinists complain to you and you felt you had to take some action, even if it was at the expense of someone else’s career? Still  it doesn’t make sense as you were going to resign anyway! I never know, if I will ever forget this turncoat behavior of yours, which can only be termed as a slap in the face for my hard work and loyalty. Have you stepped on the ambitions of other folks this way? Am pretty sure nobody did this  to you or you wouldn’t be where you are.

Hope you are happy wherever you are and hope there wont be others  who might write a letter of this sort to you… All the best!

Best Regards


P.S – I will never forget and I am  least not sure if I can forgive – at least not at this point in time.



  1. Unsent Letters has given us such an opportunity to relieve ourselves. Hope you are happy and nobody shall stop u from achieving greatness. There are some who are unhappy and suffer from some complex. I hope ur ex-boss will regret some day.

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