Back again! I think….

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Well, here I am after what seems like ages. It is not that I haven’t read anything or don’t have much to say. It’s just that relocating across continents, especially with a baby on tow never came with a manual! I have been tearing my head quite a bit over the last few weeks dealing with jet lags, time zone crisis, setting up a place worthy of living and being a baby sitter, maid, cook and housekeeper all at the same time that my blog just happened to drop off my head…

But in spite of all the craziness, I did manage to read and have started writing for a wonderful website called the or TTP for short.

My first published review on this blog can be read at:

My Journey by APJ Abdul Kalam 

I will be linking the review of books that are published on TTP out here, that way all interested parties can take a peek..

I am also pretty peeved that I lost the opportunity to work with some other publishers cos they can’t send me ebooks!

That said, I have a pile of books to be read and so you should be seeing a bit me every now and then (as I can pay attention to my blogs only when the baby sleeps, cooking is done and there is no laundry or cleaning activities on my TO DO list for the day) and maybe put up with my rants,raves and rambles as and when they come!

Until next time…take care


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