Life without art..

Yesterday, I was wondering how some people have the ability to write everyday in a disciplined manner. While pondering this point, my thoughts were distracted by other love – Art! Not just drawing and paintings, but art in any kind. Cooking is an art, so is music and dance, writing, reading, the list goes on! Why, even putting clothes out on the line to dry and driving on the roads is an art…

All these thoughts were enough for my brain to take cue and it  made a decision and directed my hands to doodle this (pardon the bad picture from my phone camera) on the nearest piece of paper I could find. Felt good to be sketching something; this sketch was inspired by some awesome paintings I saw at this great sizzler place called Tangerine in Chennai! I love going to that restaurant to simply ogle at their paintings! The place is like a restaurant cum art exhibition – you can enjoy gourmet salads, sizzlers and deserts while gazing at the lovely canvases! They keep changing their displays regularly and am pretty sure I have missed loads of such exhibitions! I don’t eat their often enough what with the better half not being a big fan of sizzlers! Though my sketch is not an original and is inspired, I was glad that I was also able to write something on the back ground 🙂 Thank God for little mercies! I may never know what to write or paint but sometimes these things just happen! What say??

20130709-221302.jpgAm behind on UBC and have at least 3 make up posts that I need to do to get back on track..hmmm nothing new there!! Well, am pretty sure I will. I have some book reviews coming up and that’s always exciting 🙂

I am writing this as a part of UBC July 2013



    • Sure. There is a lovely Italian restaurant called Bella ciao right by the thiruvanmiyur beach.. They have an attitude but the good is enjoyable and authentic and it’s close to neelangarai

      The city of chennai has loads of choices as far as food is concerned. Some decent places:
      Cream center
      Havens Sampoorna
      Fusion 9
      5 senses
      The great kebab factory by radisson

      The list is long 🙂 a search on will also help. Happy dining!

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