Dam you, flip flops!

Have been on a break since Friday! I guess its only normal when there is a crying baby requiring ones attention most of the day and to add to this the work has increased on the office front..so now I have falle behind on my UBC challenge and need to make up for the lost 3 days and also manage to remain on track….if this is a challenge for anyone, it would definitely be me!

Getting back on track, do you ever believe that if the first thing that you look at when you get out from bed are shoes,  then the rest of the day would just get worse? This is quite a common Indian belief. There are several such superstitions out here, some that make sense and some that don’t. Now,I was never sure if the foot wear thing was true or not but then since nobody likes a bad day and I am no exception I make sure I hide all my shoes and other forms of footwear under the bed before I sleep! I should be honest in admitting, that I have had bad days before..even when I did not look at footwear the first thing when  got out of bed! But somehow this morning kind of made me feel that there was something to this shoe thing after all. I had carelessly left my flipflops around and the first thing I saw as i jumped out of bed were those flipflops!My first reaction!! “Damn you flip flops!! And then what transpired was just not very cheery! The morning commute to work this morning was just a crazy one! First, I had a severe back ache and then the baby was getting cranky in his car seat. By the time this could settle, a crazy auto driver just tried to cross our path though the signal did not permit him to do so! Now,  if you live in any big metropolis in India you would think that there is nothing to this but then when you have a bawling baby at the back wanting some attention, it just brings out the monster in you!

After some sudden brakes and  loads of swearing, I finally landed up at work! Then I heard about how someone who I thought of as a close friend had actually been gossiping behind my back and then there was that phone call with depressing news! Add to this, I ate at the food court this afternoon and guess what?? The accompaniment to my paranthas was the  “SPICIEST” one ever! It tastes good but damn, it felt like I had gulped down some fire. I rushed back to douse myself in some water and am busy typing away this post now, before something else happens!!

Could all this be related to the footwear??? Maybe its just my mind paying tricks…nothing new there! Thinking about superstitions makes me wanna dedicate an entire post to writing about the funny and not so funny sides of the many beliefs we have. What are the crazy superstitions that  you believe in?? Have any of them turned out to be true??

I am writing this as a part of UBC July 2013


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