Of crazy dinner times and shopping sprees with baby

Ok! It has been some time since I posted about WSB and SB!! Last time, I had folks asking me what exactly SB and WSM meant? Well, please read this teeny-weeny paragraph here and it will all fall in place. My fault for not mentioning this before..

Last evening, I got back from work and had some 30 minutes to go before dinner. Actually, scrap that! I was hungry…I am someone who likes to eat on time and the late hours drive me and my biological system nuts! But then life is what it is and my meal timings are compromised at the cost of other priorities. Again, this is another thing that annoys me so much – compromise! I feel like we compromise a lot in our lives. We adjust so much that adjustment has become a way of life! What do we get in return? In case you are wondering why I am rambling about adjustment and compromise while talking about SB, let me get to the point. Last night my dinner was delayed again, but then I just didn’t seem to mind. I got to spend a lovely fun hour with SB, something that is just not possible during the week, especially a Monday night!I was on a high after that for quite some time until I spotted the food after which I went berserk cos I realized I was hungry! 🙂

When I got back from work, the grandparents and moi decided to take SB to the baby store 10 minutes away! I had been planning to visit said baby store for more than 2 months now and finally had the chance.Didn’t matter that it was dinner time…we stepped into the shop and the staff were kind enough to lend us a pram (great marketing trick) to walk SB around the store. So there I was, pram in one hand, SB’s bag on my shoulder thinking that I could do it all.. I started checking out stuff for SB (bottle, sippers, clothes and pretty much everything in the store) before SB decided he didn’t want to sit idle….

SBLooking at me and putting his hands up “Hey! I am done playing with this doll hanging on top of me – Pick me!”

WSMCompletely ignoring the hands “Sweetie!! Are you enjoying this??”

SB – “This woman just doesn’t get it!! Wahhhhhhhhhh…take that mom lady”!!

Grandpa – “Pick him up! He wants to be picked up!!”

WSM – “No, No, this is becoming a bad habit, being carried around. It will get harder as he grows up you know…”

Grandma – “You guys, maybe you should argue later…maybe baby is hungry”

WSM – “no, no, no chance….”

SB -“Wahhhhh”

Finally, I pushed the pram and ran around the store like a mad woman! And our man just smiled from within….

SBWith a mischievous smile plastered on his face, “I like it when you act crazy, do it again. I need more entertainment…”

WSMAfter almost crashing into another shopper….“sorry baby! gotta stop”

Post this, SB actually behaved and even selected his own bottles when I held one in each hand and showed it to him. He tried grabbing the one on the left which had “Winnie” the bear with a pot of honey on it, so that bottle was selected…The shopping spree continued and somewhere along the line, SB had managed to get out of the pram and into grandpas hands (sneaky fellow).. I even put him in a crib, with a lion bed and he went completely nuts, in a good way! He decided he was going to stay there for the night and started wrestling with the bolsters! The sales guy took the cue and said something on the following lines:

Sales Guy – “Shall I bill this also madam?? Only Rs.14,500 for the bed and another Rs 2000 for the lion mattress”

WSM – “Huh??” With a “you are crazy” expression on her face

Sales Guy – “Your baby likes it”

WSMWith an evil grin on her face, “My baby also loves taking International trips to historical European countries and exploring the culture….He only flies business class, but I haven’t managed to get the trips arranged yet”

Sales Guy -“Huh??”

WSM – “Plus, I liked the bed that I saw at the other baby store….”

Sales GuyNot knowing what struck him, “Ok Madam….”

Last night, was also the first time SB spotted someone as tiny as himself and decided that it was just insane that there were others like him…first he bawled and then almost bent from grandmas hands, striking a flying superman like pose to take a look at the other baby! He even wanted to touch the other baby, who was just happy giggling at him and then he decided that he had, had enough and looked away…

Hmmm…SB needs more socializing time with other babies thinks WSM! What a way to end a hot, humid and boring Monday. But an important day for the Mommy Diaries. Definitely worth compromising meal times!!


Pssst…..I am writing this as a part of UBC July 2013. Let’s see if I can keep up!!


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