Breakfast Time….

WSM is ready to leave for work while she engages in a food conversation with SB……she never learns!

WSM eating some noodles from the night before….

SB – “Wah!!! Wah!!!!” What are you up to woman?
WSM – “Baby!! What can I do for you? Am at your service…”

SB –  Looking at WSM’s bowl of noodles from last night with puppy eyes and saliva dribbling down his mouth – I want that…
WSM – “Sorry baby.. you can’t eat this now…..more time to go……and you just had milk….Here, take this rattle…ching! ching!”

SB – Sounds nice – maybe it tastes good (puts the rattle in his mouth)
WSM – “No baby, you shouldn’t eat this….”

SB – “Wah!!!!”
WSM – “Here, tear this paper……you like tearing papers..”

SB – Hey! Maybe this tastes good (puts it in his mouth) mmm…Crunchy!
WSM – “No baby, you shouldn’t eat this….ink is no good for you or anyone….”

SB – Throwing daggers with his eyes….This is not fair! “Wah!! Wah!!”

WSM – Desperate to escape the accusative glares – “Please wait – I’ll  be back…here is your awesome baby gym  to keep you occupied….”

WSM runs into the kitchen to hide from SB and gulp down her breakfast

In 30 seconds….

SB – “Wah!!! Wah!!!” Where did you go woman?? I am bored of this gym and its a sorry excuse to leave me with it while you do whatever it is that you do……
WSM – “Ok! So what can I do for you?”

SB – Something! Anything! Carry me, walk me, play with me… U cannot be not busy!! You work for me!   Maybe I  need a nappy change!! Maybe I need to sleep!! Maybe I just pooped!!

Exasperated, WSM picks SB and runs up the stairs to look forward to another eventful day of poop, pee, bawl and paal!!

(Paal in this case being the tamil word for milk)


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