Indian Quills Reading Challenge 2013

iqrc-2013As tough as it sounds for me at this point in time of my life when I don’t even have much time to read the newspapers, I have signed up for the Indian Quills Reading Challenge 2013. I had given up on reading challenges when I had signed up for a challenge called 20 in 2009 where one had to read 20 books for the year. However it seems like the creators of this challenge just lost interest in taking it to conclusion and those that participated loyally were just left hanging!! After reading about IQR I felt that maybe this is just the right kick on the behind for folks like myself who are really strapped for time to read 🙂 Watch this space for more book reviews on books by Indian authors that I will be reading as a part of this challenge. I am definitely excited, so much so that I am planning a visit to the library to get loads of books to read 🙂



  1. Welcome to IQRC 2013 SRS. Pleasure having you at the Pensieve. Kindly set an IQR Target and let us know. Aren’t targets so much more fun?
    You have been added to the challengers list; Looking forward to your reviews.

    • Sure – I tried that once before and it did not set properly due to the template I use for the blog. I will try it again…

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