Just off the Easel – Coco


In case you were wondering, I don’t have an easel and Coco is not some chocolate concoction that I am referring to! Coco is a handsome long-haired cat and lives with a great family in Seattle. Coco’s human actually trusted me to do his portrait (bless her) and regarding the easel, I just like to think that I own an awesome one though I use make shift arrangements to do my paintings (think on the lines of floor, chairs, walls….)

I am proud to say that this is my first ever commissioned work!! Yay! The nest part is I used multiple reference pictures. Made me feel very cool, considering I have never done anything of this sort before. The pose was from 1 picture  the face from another and to understand the colors and fur, I had plenty of other pictures. I even observed the works of several other artists to understand how they painted cats.   It got mind boggling at times but I simply loved it and I also understood that I loved my fan brush! And I worked on it for months..more than 6 to be precise! Not because the subject was hard to complete but only because time was a luxury! I have used a butter cream color for the back ground cos I felt it perfectly complements Coco!

The painting is oil on canvas and is not yet varnished as it is still drying… Coco’s humans do like the painting though the feedback was that he is more brown on the body.. Need to see how I cam fix that…Without further rambling here is a picture of the painting, followed by some other pictures for fun!

Keep me posted on your thoughts and feedback! And bless me so that I can do this more often!!


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