Have got no time..I’m in a hurry!

This subject  is something that has always bothered me..People seem to be in a hurry- ALWAYS!!! They push, shove, get in your face, forget courtesy, manners or anything remotely similar and do whatever it takes just so that they are ahead of you by a minute or two. Let me take some examples:

At the work place:  People [educated ones at that – you might think educated, because they work at the same place you do] are caught doing all this and more:

  • Get into an elevator before those that are already inside can step out
  • A woman tried grabbing the parking spot just as my colleague was entering into the spot! And this woman is actually a senior person at the company!! She avoided our glances just we got to the elevator and took the stairs instead!
  • Try getting a cup of coffee from the chai wallah at your cafeteria with a bunch of people who will elbow you out to get their tea first

In Buses

Someone that is standing next to you waiting for a seat will try to move in to your spot if they discover the slightest movement on your person even though the bus is not crowded! Plus there is always the problem of point 1 under “At the work place”

Gas stations / Petrol Bunks:

Someone will cut in line while you are waiting behind 3 others to get your quota of gas! I have wanted to slap people like that and once it was actually a senior person in his 60’s! What do you do? How do you teach your elders manners or courtesy??? Like, how can you straighten a dog’s tail??

On the Roads

  • A 2 wheeler will  try to squeeze into a 5 inch space between 2 cars and sometimes even break the blind spot mirrors on the sides. It is no wonder that most people don’t use these mirrors
  • Buses, cars, bikes and loads of idiots will over-take you on the left during a left turn and while you try to turn into a street!
  • Pedestrians and jay walkers will jump in front of you from a median!
  • Drivers will jump a red light just because they can’t “see” anybody crossing
  • And damn it they don’t take their pudgy hands off the horn! I am pretty sure that future India is going to be filled with loads of deaf citizens!


Now for the million dollar question…what is the point of all this? Are they off to save the world? Or are they off to see the PM?

Now, if the latter were true, I am sure that they would be at least 2 hours late for the appointment considering most Indians have a very poor sense of time leave alone sticking to a time! Maybe that is why everybody is in a hurry – and I have probably discovered the root cause of the disease where every body is in a hurry and nobody thinks twice before irking another fellow human!

Being good Indian citizens that pay road taxes for non-existent roads we may like to say “Cool Yaar” this is how it is but then why is it we never ever want to improve and make things right? Why is it that wrong is always normal  and has become a way of life for us and right is considered strange and annoying?? When will we be a civilized society? When?When?When?

 P.S – I had to post this in a hurry too!! No time whatsoever to browse or have  life during the week days! But I do keep time! Have a great week!!


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