A Dummies guide to walking on the streets of Chennai – Part 2

Taking off from part 1, on to my concluding part on this topic…..

If you walk in the evenings, first I pity you.  I have pitied myself on several occasions and have felt very sorry for myself and the citizens of this great country! With out more sad statements, here is what you would need to watch out for:

  • Its warmer and more humid in the evenings than it is in the morning. So be prepared for more sweat and more stink! Sorry, but some things do need to be said out loud.
  • If you can handle carrying a bottle of water while you walk, please do carry one….it will help keep you hydrated
  • Drivers on bikes, cars, autos and other motor vehicles who will stop at nothing to have their way!  Make sure you are alert enough to stay out of their way in order to avoid being run over, pushed into a corner or other such nasty incidents!

    Image Courtesy: Internet
  • There are more oglers and lechers out there in the evenings than in the mornings! So ladies, be prepared for the rude and crude looks  or humming of movie songs as you walk past some despo….  
  • I definitely don’t recommend mp3 players or talking on phones when you walk for the following reasons:

a) You would need to increase the sound on your mp3 players to pretty high levels to tune out the noisy streets and roads. Now, if you do this you risk damaging your ear drums and also risk infections, thanks to sweat streaming into the ear buds

b) When you talk to someone while walking, you would probably need to scream your lungs out so that they can hear you (you can thank the incessant honking on the roads and crazy motorists who think they are in a race. Also nobody likes listening / talking to someone who has a lot of back ground noise on their side. It irks me!!!

Image Courtesy: Internet

c)The worst thing that could happen is that you could get hit by a moving vehicle cos you were distracted by your phone! Stop the messaging and browsing! Use the phone for emergencies and not to catch up with someone! I can’t stress enough how I hate those who do that.

If you walk after 7:00PM:

  • Ladies, this one is for you again – avoid jewelry and anything in precious metals like gold or diamonds. Unless you want to be in the news as a victim of a chain snatching  incident, just leave the bling at home. Actually this could apply to the morning walker too. One never knows  what the thieves are up to. There are enough chain snatchers out there and it’s not worth risking your self being over jewelry…..

    Image Courtesy: Internet
  • And if you think you can outsmart them with your fake plated bling, all I have to say is this. Ladies! Enough with that jewelry!   And forget any covering / plated jewelry. Just yesterday I heard of an incident of a chain snatcher who snatched the chain of a woman and chased her again the next day and hit her because he had been fooled with her plated jewelry…. remember only bare essentials for walking!
  • Street dogs might think you are in their territory and might probably chase you – this is where the runner in you needs to take over! Just run as fast as you can and in the process avoid motorists, ditches and dumpsters!  That’s very important
  • Watch out for slimy trash on the road, especially around the  dumpsters…incidents of slipping and falling are more common in the dark….
  • Carry a torch-light with you – you never know which streets don’t have lights!

That’s all I have to say!! Good look with your walking endeavors!  Happy safe walking!



    • Parks! U think that would be easy to find in this concrete jungle? And you know the kind of things that go on in parks…might make for another interesting post

  1. You have missed another important point… carry an umbrella irrespective of whether it rains or not… the spitting of pan rain will surely fall on you from cyclist, motorcyclist, bus commuters in window seats, auto drivers, etc… Disgusting bunch of idiots who have any no courtesy for others or this country

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