Muddled up!! Life and Dreams

In case you were wondering if I had died and gone to heaven…..I have definitely not done that! Don’t know if Heaven will let me in! I am still here, as confused with the world and its ways ; as muddled up as usual! Since my last post, I have been doing loads of assorted stuff and I thought I’d share some of the craziness in my life with you…

I have:

  • Been baking – the past months saw me make my first loaf of white bread and whole wheat bread… Check out some pics! I was so proud of myself cos I finally faced the scary the yeast monster. To be honest, I am still scared of those tiny granules and I keep finding posts on various baking blogs and websites about how yeasts available at our supermarkets are no good 😦  Hope my success and pursuit for baking continues…..
    White Bread Beauty…….
    Pretty Brown Bread
  • I managed to make a pizza at home and wait for it…………………………………. I made the base too!!! U can tell by now that the baker in me is waiting to open her own bakery!! Well I can dream too. In fact I am very good at it and should probably be awarded a PhD on the subject of dreaming!
    M3 Pizza
  • Talking about dreams, I have been doing that a lot. I have been dreaming of beautiful white flowers, green gardens and creating art on a full time basis! I told you I am good at dreaming… 😉
  • I have been planning for eons now, to start painting a humongous Krishna who has been waiting patiently with his cow, deer and peacocks for his coat of paints! But somehow I am scared to even start adding color to him and I have no idea why!! I have been planning again for more than 2 months now to paint a handsome cat called Coco! He definitely looks as yummy as he sounds…..but the artist in me just doesn’t want to take out her tube of paints or brushes!
  • I have been trying to work on another blog regarding the vagaries of life of an IT professional – I barely have few posts there and have not yet made it public! Maybe I am jus scared……
  • I have spent most of my weeks on 3 hour crazy commutes to work – which probably explains why most of everything I have said above remains on the back burner! I am so exhausted by the time Saturday rolls around, that all I wanna do is “nothing”; not even browse, blog or read other blogs! Kinda sick of laptops and cell phones, sounds, cars, horns and too many humans!!  Can u blame me after looking at this picture??
    Image Courtesy: Internet…btw this is true!!
  •  I have been trying to read the Krishna Coriolis by Ashok Banker for more than 2 months now! The only time I get is in the bathrooms in the mornings! This explains why my book reviews are suffering….. it takes so long for me to finish a book that I forget most of the first half of the story by the time I finish…..

I am / want to::

  • Waiting for “The Clockwork Man” from Blog adda! I definitely want to break the book review inaction..
  • I want to write from my heart – be personal! Somehow I just can’t seem to do that! I am too much of a private person that I have trouble opening up! So this post is a start…..
  • I want to complete my painting projects, learn the art of cake decoration and get back to my photo blog – For starters, I should charge my camera 🙂
  • I want to cook exotic stuff – no, not octopus or something weird like that (I am vegetarian) but couscous and pita breads sound good enough to me! I want to recreate my favorite falafel recipe which was always a hit with my mom! To think it has been so many years since I made it! The bruschetta girl definitely needs to put on her apron!!
  • I want to be less stressed out and more chilled! Good luck to me – If the heat doesn’t kill me my commutes will!
  • I want to break free!!!!! Free of this monotonous routine and balance the necessary vagaries of life with what I actually love to do!

 Any wise words from u lovely readers??



    • Thanks Smita – I hope they come true is too hectic! and I can imagine how it must be for u – u have a baby too…….

  1. Hey Shwetha life is too confusing, so be yourself and don’t be scarred about what people would tell for it does not matter as long as it makes you happy. Am sure you will do what your heart tell you to do.!!! Take care

      • Yeah i do understand and to utilize your full potential you would need to devote most of your time, but then you also have to carry on with your career at this point of time since the situation demands. I am sure in times to come you would realise your dreams. !!! 🙂

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