Boy, Girl, Pug or Cellular connection?

This weekend I attended a wedding and witnessed a scene that I’d term as innocently cute. The 3 year old son a friend (a very sweet and friendly boy) was having trouble coming out of his shell thanks to the crowd. Post lunch he started becoming his usual self – smiling and wanting to play. He kept following his dad like Mary’s little lamb 🙂 until she appeared out of nowhere. No not Mary!! A little girl ran across us, her paavadai flying behind her and her anklets tinkling away pleasantly. As she ran past him, the little boy stopped following his dad and turned around with interest to look at the pretty little girl who must have been about the same age as him. Needless to say the grown ups found this little scene sweet and amusing that we couldn’t stop talking about it.

Now to reel life – What do you think is wrong with the following ads?

I only saw the connections between what the brand was trying to sell and the scenes being played out. The analogy for instant connections, better sounds and uninterrupted conversations with scenes from real life was pretty impressive. Needless to say I was distracted by the cute and intelligent pug !! I never found anything wrong with the curiosity of the kids or their interest to be friends.

Recently, there has been a hullabaloo regarding this ad accusing the media of depicting the lives of adults using kids thereby crossing the lines between child like innocence and curiosity and adult emotions. This is pretty hypocritical considering that in this case, reel life as imitated real life! Have we become so blind that we fail to notice the ad for what it really is and simply make mountains out of mole hills?

Take a look at the co-ed schools around you. I see boys and girls hanging around with each other secretly with coy looks on their faces and sometimes even blatantly flirting with each other. In some cases, its not just kids, but working men and women who try to get away from their parents and friends and meet in secret!! I hear of incidents where teenage boys and girls are caught behind trees doing funny things(u get the drift don’t you). Is the ad so bad when you compare it with incidents like this from real life??

I am sure most of us were huge fans of the show “The Wonder years” which chronicled the growing years of Kevin and his friends. An important part of this show was Kevin’s relationship with his childhood friend Winnie, who becomes his crush and also his first girlfriend!! How come nobody had any issues when we watched this show. Probably because  our parents only saw the sweet innocence of childhood being depicted on screen and nothing more!

So you may want to argue that Kevin and Winnie were American and good Indian kids don’t do such things other than shooting MMS footage bordering on porn (case was reported in some Delhi school few years ago) or getting caught behind trees! If that’s the case our censor board should have cut scenes of that little kid from “Ra One” who teased his mom about her “condom condom” tamil!! The vodafone ads are really nothing compared to that!

Our society needs to grow up, stop acting hypocritical and start adapting to the changing world. Leave the child like innocence as is and don’t make something bigger than what it needs to be. Our kids are growing up fast enough already and such issues will only speed this process! The sooner kids understand that opposite genders can be good friends the better it is for us all. If that happens, there wont be a need for these kids to hide and talk to each other! We need to stop this mentality of making any relationship between a male and female look shady. Time spent on discussing trivial issues such as these ads should be used to understand how our country can go green, have a better transport system and how citizens can have easy access to life’s basic needs such as water, gas, food etc!!!

Leave the ads for what they really are! But if you have a problem with that kid from the insurance ad advising his uncle about marriage and insurance, I am on your side. Because that is not child like innocence but a small kid trying to act like a smart alec adult! I don’t think I am interested in that product!


  1. Yes, we don’t want goddamn hypocrites who spit the venom of ENVYING 😀
    Like the type of *i am from a traditional family and i dont like these non conventional things*

    World is so fast, am glad that these ads feature a boy and a girl… luckily not TWO BOYS nor TWO girls…
    GLAD for that.
    These advertisements are extremely creative…
    Nice post on one of my favi advertisement 😀

    • True Deepak! They are so creative, but somehow the appreciation for that doesn’t seem to be there! Instead you have some sanctimonious idiots who try to decide whats good for everyone!

  2. Agree totally. I have a friend who keeps constantly saying that the kolaveri song is cheap but doesn’t seem to mind the sheils ki jawani or munni whatever song. I don’t think it’s a backward society with a narrow mind we should worry about but a society that suddenly decides to be “good”
    well written

    • God! don’t even get me started on those munni, sheila and other item numbers! It’s hard to even keep track – what a hypocritical society we live in!Always need to preach abt what’s right for the world just as long as its not the preachers world!

  3. Yup,I just love the vodafone ad too…’s such a cute creative statement about getting connected-seems just so dumb when the moral police hit out at such innocent things-wonder where they disppear to when the real offensive ads appear or even the real crimes happen????

  4. Nice post Shweta and i agree that society needs to grow up…but then who are the society…its the parents themselves and i feel that they need to step out first. The present day generation is a different breed where there is no differentiation of sex among friends and if the parents are comparing their yester years and chiding their children it is wrong. I have two school going teenage daughters and i do not interfere in their choice of friends… except that i teach them the pros and cons of the relationships so that they do not take a wrong step.

  5. Hi.

    Umm…there is always an ongoing debate – does media reflect reality or influence reality. Okay, firstly I don’t know if there is something called an ‘innocent’ relationship, as though there is an ‘evil’ one. Biologically itself, we are primed to be attracted to the opposite gender and this starts happening from a young age. There is nothing so different between the three year old who followed that girl and the kids who do things behind trees and the young man who writes love letters. it is all the same manifestation, albeit, in different capacities.

    Looking at the Vodafone ads, it is clear that they are depicting the first innocent attraction that occurs between a boy and girl. I mean, come on. Whom are we kidding? They are not talking about casual friendship here. Acknowledging this is not perversion, it is common sense. The question is, is it okay to do that? Will a child of that age, seeing the ad, feel it is okay to be attracted to the opposite sex? Yes. Definitely. The crucial question is, is it wrong to feel so? Well, I don’t know.

    I am sorry if this post doesn’t have any coherence. Just some random thoughts.

    • You are definitely right about what our natural tendencies are….which is why most of us saw nothing worng with the ads……as to whether its ok to do that…well nobody can help feeling attracted to someone else. But I guess there is a time and phase for everything in life and thats when a helathy relationshio between a child and his parents comes in….I don’t think its wrong to feel any kind of attraction.. how one acts on the feeling is what is important……

      btw thanks for stopping by and welcome to my space 🙂

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