Wild Family!!

We are family....

I am happy to announce that I have finally completed the painting of this puma family!!!  Now I can plan future art and creative writing projects!! I spotted the photograph of this cute family in one of the news papers earlier this year and simply had to take a stab at painting them..This one is oil on canvas. I took a lot of time blocking the colors and getting the correct expressions. I also went one step ahead and added a green back ground, [thanks to hubby’s  suggestion] and was satisfied with the result. Seems like the family is right at home in the jungle and are simply peering back at the photographer with amused expressions! The painting is still drying. Will post some better pics when completely dry and varnished and maybe framed! Feedback welcome. Click on the individual pictures to get a better look!

If you think that this painting will add value to your space and would like to own the same, please leave me a message in the comments section 🙂 It is as 24*12 inch oil on canvas!!



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